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Puppet theatre - A fair play
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Sep 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Petrinja is a small city in Croatia where consequences of the Homeland war are still present in everyday life. Children don't have civic education as a subject in schools and are often taught (intentionally or unintentionally) at their homes that national, racial, sexual or any other discrimination is something that is normal and practically rooted in our society. Animosity for other culutres, fear of the unknown and discrimination on various bases are a big problem in Petrinja, and the importance of changing the general opinion on these topics is unquestionable. We strongly believe that civic education we plan to carry out through the activities of this project is the key to making a better community with young active citizens who are willing to continue improving the society on their own one day.Objective 1: Introducing civic education and human rights, with an emphasis on multiculturalism and gender equalityObjective 2: Preventing bullying by promoting tolerance and solidarityObjective 3: Promoting Erasmus+ programme and volunteeringVolunteers who will participate in this project will be young people aged between 18 and 30, one from Germany and one from Spain, persons with fewer opportunities, unemployed and strongly motivated to participate in the project.Activities of the project: 1. Making puppetsVolunteers will be in charge of designing and sewing new puppets. They will design puppets that are both interesting and educative, and think of a “back story” for every puppet which makes it more recognizable to children. 2. Writing scripts and preparing puppet shows and workshops about human rights, with emphasis on multiculturality and gender equalityShows need to be adjusted for the age of children and educative, with clear morals of the story, but also arouse interest and make children ask questions on the topics. The main topics of the show will be human rights and topics of civic education, and show that national, racial, sexual, religious, cultural, social, economic or any other discrimination is not acceptable. 3. Preparing and conducting workshops and puppet shows for children promoting tolerance, solidarity, with emphasis on breaking stereotypes and prejudiceVolunteers will also write shows and prepare workshops for children in which the emphasis will be on promoting tolerance and solidarity, with emphasis on breaking stereotypes and prejudices against others, helping reduce bullying and abuse among children. 4. Making short films about puppets and EVSOne of the activities planned in this project is making films with puppets - to document all the shows volunteers prepare and also making short films with puppets and their EVS service that will be used as promotion of all the objectives of the projects and help with the visibility of the project in the community.5. Promoting volunteering and and Erasmus+Volunteers will promote volunteering and Erasmus+ programme in the community through everyday communication with local volunteers and wide range of young people, informing them of possibilities of mobility, which is especially important in the city like Petrinja where youth doesn't have a lot of opportunities.We believe that every Erasmus+ EVS project leaves a great impact on all participants. Volunteers will become more self - aware and self - confident, but also a lot more sensitized about all different groups of people they encounter during their EVS. They will also improve their ability to become a part of something new and realize they can change the community they live in by actively participating in it. They will learn a new language, improve their English, manage their finances. During whole EVS they will be developing their creativity, communication, organizational and social skills. All of these skills will all be highly beneficial for them in the future and improve their chances of employment. Children between 4 and 14 years old will participate in the project through the puppet shows and workshops organized by volunteers and get new insight in learning about civic education, civil society and democracy through age appropriate shows with puppets. In an entertaining way they will learn about differences between cultures and benefits of living in a multicultural society, as well as participate in shows and workshops which emphasize the importance of gender equality and social justice. Through different exercises (for example, role playing) they will practice bullying - related problem solving to reduce that form of violence between them. We strongly believe that implementation of this Erasmus+ project and dissemination of its’ activities is a good practice for non formal learning for working with children and youth and we implemented similiar projects in the past, which was an example of good practice and well received in not only Petrinja but also throughout the whole Sisak - Moslavina county.
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