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Pupils for INnOvation as a Key to Intercultural and social inclusiOn
Start date: Oct 1, 2009,

WHY-To find a European-wide solution for the following problems: 1Achieve Lisbon goals through the development of educational programmes focussed on key competences for lifelong learning (Rec.2006/962/EC)2Improve and develop transversal key-competences in children-students 3Provide pre-school and primary school teachers with competences to face the development of the key-competences in children4Develop innovative pedagogic methodologies for the development of key-competences in children-studentsWHAT-Project aims to train pre- and primary-schools teachers to face key-competences’ teaching for children and in particular:1. Communication in the mother tongue, 5.Learning to learn;6.Social and civic competences,7.Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship,8.Cultural awareness and expression (Rec.2006/962/EC).Recent European yearly (EY) topics will be used as an opportunity to develop the mentioned competences, linked to: EY of Intercultural dialogue 2008; EY of Creativity and Innovation 2009;EY for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion 2010. The pedagogical approach developed by the project will be focussed on children's stories characters, as a metaphoric and ‘privileged’ language to be used with children in order to support their motivation for learning and transmit PINOKIO's cultural values. Project’s activities: -Tools' production for teachers and children -Teachers’ training-Testing of methods and tools with children, migrant-children and their parents focussed on intercultural dialogue against social exclusion-Testing Creativity Labs on competences’ development useful for combating poverty and social exclusion-Diss. & ExploitationIMPACT1Enhancing the quality and European dimension of pre- and primary school teachers’ training2Supporting the improvement and innovation in pedagogical approaches3Support children in acquiring transversal key-competences necessary for their future personal and professional development and for active European citizenship
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