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Puhtia CLIL-opetukseen Seinäjoella
Start date: 01 Aug 2014, End date: 31 Jul 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The town of Seinäjoki provides clil-education all the way from kindergaten to graduating from upper secondary school. It has been supporting the schools that are part of the clil-education path. Clil-education has its own steering committee with representatives from each participating school and kindergarten as well as a representative from the municipal administration. The steering committee has been discussing an in-service training programme improving teachers' oral skills in English and providing them with new pedagogical solutions. Currently, the two major challenges in clil-educations are the teachers' insecurity about their own oral skills and the methods they are using in their classrooms. During the programme the school would annually send four teachers on a in-service training course to the UK where they would gain more confidence about their oral skills and find new teaching methods. We aim at finding courses that focus on clil-methodology and improving oral skills in English. Another annual mobility would involve sending one teacher or a representative of the administration to a job shadowing period to a school where they have long-standing experience of clil-education. This mobility aims at giving new pedagogical and administrative solutions to our clil-education and thus improve the quality of clil-education. The teachers who have taken part in the training will gain self-confidence about their professional abilities as their oral skills improve. And their teaching methods will become more versatile as they are given more tools to cope with their professional challenges. In addition new methods and best practices resulting form job shadowing strengthen the reputation and position of clil-education. Evaluation practices will also provide the steering committee with new ideas how to develop clil-education further, which will have an impact on the quality of whole clil-education in Seinäjoki.
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