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Publishing and Enriching Linked Open Statistical Data for the Development of Data Analytics and Enhanced Visualization Services (OpenCube)
Start date: Nov 1, 2013, End date: Oct 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The ultimate goal of OpenCube project is to facilitate (a) publishing of high-quality linked statistical data, and (b) reusing distributed linked statistical datasets to perform advanced data analytics and visualizations. Towards this end, OpenCube project will develop open source software tools in terms of (a) standalone applications and (b) extensions of two linked data management platforms, namely Swirrl's PublishMyData and fluidOps' Information Workbench, for publishing and reusing high-quality linked statistical data.Although the Open Government Data (OGD) movement promised to provide a number of benefits, recent studies show that its full potential has not yet realized. The difficulty in exploiting open data seems surprising if we consider the huge importance data have in modern societies e.g. in business intelligence, research models and evidence based policy-making.The main tenet of OpenCube project is that the real value of OGD will unveil from performing data analytics and advanced visualizations on top of open statistical data that were previously resided in disparate sources and can now be combined to provide unexpected and unexplored insights. However, statistical data need to be formulated and integrated as linked Data Cubes characterized by dimensions, slices and measures in order to unveil their full potential and value.Towards this end, the OpenCube project aims at developing software tools to address the particular requirements of Data Cubes, thus enabling the efficient and easy publishing and reuse of open statistical data. In particular the OpenCube project will support (a) public bodies to publish linked statistical data of high quality in an easy way and (b) European SMEs to combine linked open statistical data with other data (e.g. enterprise's own data) and perform advanced data analytics and visualizations in a cost effective manner.The OpenCube foreseen results include:•\t The OpenCube toolkit comprising standalone tools for publishing, visualizing and performing data analytics on top of linked statistical data.•\t The OpenCube extension of the PublishMyData platform.•\t The OpenCube extension of the Information Workbench platform.•\t The OpenCube Pilots in three public authorities and businesses to validate and prove the usability and effectiveness of the developed tools and guidelines.
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