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Psychosocial Risk Management – Vocational Education and Training
Start date: Nov 1, 2009,

Psychosocial risks, work-related stress, violence, harassment and bullying are now widely recognised major challenges to occupational health and safety (EASHW, 2007). Nearly one in three of Europe's workers, report that they are affected by stress at work (EASHW, 2002). In a wider perspective, psychosocial risks are now a major public health concern and are associated with economic and social security challenges. Throughout Europe, practitioners, social partners and organisations differ in awareness and understanding of these new types of challenges in working life. At the enterprise level there is a need to promote effective practice through the provision of tools that will stimulate and support organisations to prevent and manage psychosocial risks at the workplace, thereby creating better working conditions and promoting mental health of workers and the healthiness of organisations. Awareness raising, education and skills development have been recognised as key priorities in the promotion of mental health at the workplace and the management of psychosocial risks across the EU (Leka & Cox, 2008).The PRIMAeT project will focus on the development of such knowledge and skills through an education and training tool. Since vocational education and training (VET) is regarded in the EU as crucial to the maintenance of employment (Wieringen & Attwell, 1999), the project aims to improve the quality of training systems through the development of innovative contents for psychosocial risk management delivered by means of a virtual learning environment. It will be targeted at employers, managers, occupational health specialists and other practitioners and will be promoted through the World Health Organisation and the International Commission in Occupational Health. The new training course will help several countries to cope with a common challenge in the VET area where appropriate training is lacking.

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