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Psychodrama is a technique which employs guided dramatic action to examineproblems or issues raised by an individual or a group. Using experiential methods itfacilitates insight, personal growth, and integration on cognitive, affective, andbehavioural levels. As a technique affording participants a safe, supportive environmentin which to practice new and more effective roles and behaviours, it has a particularrelevance for training key competences in lifelong learning. In spite of this, there is littleevidence of structured informed applications of psychodrama techniques in adulteducation in Europe. The interface between these two fields is worth exploring with aview to raising the professional qualifications of AE trainers who teach transversalcompetencies of creative expression and learning to learn and social skills in particularto those students who are at a disadvantage in their societies.The consortium proposes to develop a training methodology for teaching the aboveskills, organise actual training for educators in 4 European countries and pilotimplementations of the developed techniques in workshops with vulnerable socialgroups. The results of these pilots will be assessed, discussed at an internationalGrundtvig seminar and form the basis for two project publications, a handbook foreducators and a training film. Furthermore they will be communicated to a largeaudience of AE and psychodrama practitioners.The actions undertaken will foster cooperation of psycho dramatists and adult educatorsand a further growth of actual implementation of concrete psychodrama techniques witha view to empower adult students from marginalised social contexts to gain an insightinto their own potential (POTENS) and develop social and personal competencesaccordingly, which will put them in a stronger position in society and in the labourmarket.
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