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'Psikiyatrik Hastalık ve Psikiyatrik Acillerde Müdahale ve Bakım Uygulamalarının AB Boyutu'
Start date: Sep 20, 2014, End date: Sep 19, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The name of the Project. The application of EV format intervention and care in psychiatric emergency and psychiatric illnesses, There were 69 participants in htis Project; They are 33 students in nursing and 30 students in emergency medical technician departments and 6 teachers. In each mobility with 21 participants they got education in spain, Italy and Sweden. ?Ther is no health with out mental health? All the people, all around the World, may have mental problems. In case of inverstment in mental health field there would be no importance of other investments in the environment where the people living with mental problems According to WHO, each year about are million people commit suicide and die.In our country in 2010 searches of ministry of health the rate of the people having serious psychiatric problems is 18% in Turkeyone of every thre epeople has mental problems Treatment expenses of mental problems are 19% inTurkey. Expense on health problems is the 2 nd in health. ?n last ten years the rate of the people who commit svicide is gething the rate of 440%. This rate is equal to half of the people who die in traffic accident. The 90% percent of suicide is caused psychologiclly. Psychiatric nurses and EMT nurses have great role in solving psychological problems. Generally patients face to face with them first EMT impression of nurses in patient admission, the know ledge, skills and experience as well as structured and standartized approach to care and treatment process create a the rapeatic effect. A reliable psychatric mental health nurse contributes care management too much. But in contrsttothe EU, they don?t get any education to be come a psychiatricnurse in our country they don?t graduate with full of training. Inaddition EMT studentsdon?t do theirjob in 112 stations so they don?t know how to interfere it is new in our country so there is no source for psychatric emergencies. In this context, to reduce the death depending on psyhiatric diseases, to prevent disability and loss of labor force is the most importent aim. Our all participants need to transfer effective technics according to EU level, they need tosee the applicatiens in psychiatry nursing in other culturs. This Project is very important to contribute psychiartry nursing in Turkey and approaches in psychiatric emergency to reach europen standarts. For this reson to our Grup: the role of the nurses and emergency medical technician in psychiatric illnesses and psychiatric emergencies, geting in formation and having experiences in european level and to train equipped personnels in pschiatric illnesses are aimed. At the end of the Project training, sample product was be generated in psychiatry Department in our country in this product, there were be CD/DVD,broshers, conference it contrubuted to the students training on this department. ?t will be used all over the country we expect from this product to opread in health and education sektors in our country. The time of the project the project ended in 21 days it had three mobility in each mobility there were 21 participants. 21 participants went to Italy between 11 April and 2 May 2015.21 participants went to Spain between 22 February and 13 March 2015.21 participants went to Sweden between 21 April and 11 May in 2015 the total time is 12 months the begining date was 20 october 2014 the ending date was 20 october 2015.

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