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Ψηφιακή τάξη και νέες διδακτικές προσεγγίσεις
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The "Digital classroom and new teaching approaches" project was created by the need for training of our school teachers on digital learning technologies.Οur teachers wish to use the technological means available to the school unit in a more organized, creative and interactive way. Also, in the context of the school operation and development, our school unit recognized the necessity of a core of teachers who will educate and support the new comers of the school and who thus will be able to collaborate with other schools. The main objectives of the "Education in the digital classroom" project were: - The training of school teachers in interactive learning technologies in order to enhance their teaching skills to respond to the digital future classroom, and - The development of their skills in the English language (jargon), a development which acts as a support of the first objective. In this project group 6 permanent teachers and one ICT teacher are involved who have little to excellent knowledge in the use of new technologies in education and knowledge of the English language that varies from moderate to excellent. All the above referred teachers of our school attended the specific training abroad.   The activities carried out under the project were: 1. Attendance of a training seminar from all the staff, held by our school English teacher at the beginning of the project on the use of a foreign language for our teachers’ daily work with new technologies. (November 2015) 2. Selection of the five teachers who formed the group of this project and the other two who made the other two mobilities of the project by our school teachers meeting (report no16, 11.24.2015) 3. Questionnaire teachers’ needs registration and teachers’ expectations on the use of digital educational tools in the classroom and knowledge of the English language (November 2015) 4. Technical language training - preparation of participants’ training in digital tools from our school ICT teacher (January 2016) and linguistic preparation for the improvement of our technical terminology level (February 2016) 5. Staff training abroad –Mobility of one person abroad to attend a seven-day seminar in Croatia entitled: ¨Boal's Methodology in Education "(Zagreb 4-10 / 01/2016) 6. Staff training abroad –Mobility of one person abroad to attend a five-day seminar in the UK under the title: "Professional Development 2", London 25-29 / 01/2016. 7. Staff training abroad - mobility of five school teachers to attend a five-day seminar in Spain titled "Creativity in teaching and learning using: The Digital Classroom" (Alcala de Henares4-8 / 04/2016) 8. In-school training for all our school staff from the two participants (those of Drama Education and English -March 2016) 9. In-school training for all our school staff from the five participants (those of the new digital technologies -May 2016) 10. In-school training and dissemination of the project results in the educational community with an open meeting held from the two participants (April,2016) and an open conference to disseminate the project results in new technologies (May 28, 2016) from the five remaining five teachers of the last-mentioned mobility . The results of "Digital classroom and new teaching approaches” project include: • technological empowerment of the participating teachers • the ability to use interactive digital technologies to enrich teaching • increased impetus to the use of new teaching methods in the classroom • professional development of participants • enhancement of social skills and self-esteem • enlargement of the European dimension of education • expanding training to other employees of our school • diffusion of the project to the teachers who participated in the workshop. The major impact on school unit is to improve the quality and effectiveness of education through the use of digital tools and strengthening the technological skills of the educational potential. In the long term benefits of the project the development of traditional teaching in an innovative teaching that includes educational interactive activities, collaborative and playful, more effective for students and tailored to our pupils’ needs, is served.This project was born from the need to use the technology that our school provides in a more organized, creative and interactive way. educational training of our school teachers in terms of interactive learning technologies so as to enhance their teaching skills and respond to the digital class of the future.
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