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Ψυχική Ανθεκτικότητα στο σχολείο
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The necessity of early interventions as far as children's mental health is concerned and the particular attributes of the local society (unemployment-xenophobia) where the nursery school is located caused the design of this Project. It's an imperative for the school to protect the pupils' psychological health in order to obtain knowledge by means of more effective educational tools. This Project aims at the prevention of school failure and bullying, that has injured the image of our contemporary school. Furthermore, children who come from different cultural and linguistic environments need to be included in a balanced school system and overcome barriers . In this way every student has the opportunity to get the knowledge, even if they have learning difficulties or family hurdles. As far as the educators are concerned, both of them have been trained in special education and drama in education, so they are able to materialize this Project, enriching their previous knowledge with contemporary educational methods which are being used in other European countries. Additional targets of the Project are raising the family's awareness and causing the need for guidance in issues of mental resilience as well as the involvement and co-operation with the educators of primary school, with view to creating a friendly pedagogical atmosphere for the children who are going to attend primary school the following year. By ensuring these conditions a safe framework could be created so that the pupils will be able to develop positive communication with their peers and their teachers, to cultivate their personal motives for knowledge and enforce their self-esteem in order to get all the privileges which could be obtained from the educational system. The stages of development of the project are mentioned bellow: 1. PREPARATION The educators will be informed and they will be prepared in order to participate in the project. They will have the opportunity to suggest their ideas as far as implementation and achievement of the project are concerned. 2. TRAINING Two educators of our school are going to attend two different educational programs in Denmark and Germany. Both of these programs aim at pupil emotional awareness and psychological health by means of experiential learning. 3. PLANNING THE SCHOOL ACTIVITIES The educators of the school, after their training, will evaluate the educational programs and they will be capable of planning an annual program with activities of emotional awareness which will influence all of the teaching subjects and lessons. 4. APPLICATION The project will be applied in two years, 2015-2017, in our school and the activities which will be materialized are bellow: a. The activities of emotional awareness and mental resilience will be applied to the groups of our pupils and they will be connected with all of the lessons by means of interdisciplinary approaches. b. Co-operation with parents and guidance for them to adopt a positive manner of communication with their children and monitoring possible conflicts. We are going to organize happenings with pupils and their parents on the occasion of celebrations such as Christmas,Easter and summer holidays. c. Co-operation with teachers of the primary school nearby in common activities for pupils of the nursery and primary school such as role-playing, reading and animation of books and painting, in order to cultivate the suitable pedagogical atmosphere to welcome young pupils the following year. Therefore,bullying and aggressiveness will be prevented in school. d. Communication with other nursery schools abroad which deal with similar issues of mental health. 5. EVALUATION The evaluation will be realized throughout the program so as for possible shortcomings to be pointed out and improving changes to be planned by means of questionnaires, interviews and videos. Evaluation will be realized at the end of the program too, for drawing conclusions and future reflection. 6. EXPIRY-DIFFUSSION a. The educators of our nursery school with the school advisor's co-operation will organize an educational meeting where all the nursery school teachers of our city will be presented with the good practices of this project. Consequently the new effective educational tools will be widely spread to colleagues from other schools. b. The organization of open activities in outdoors spaces for pupils of other nursery schools and their teachers with experiential methods like drama in education, would give the chance in other schools of our city to realized the necessity of these program of mental health and it would create all the preconditions for feature co-operation. Application this project of the mental health in school it would be expected to be planed a creative learning environment for our pupils, teachers and parents.
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