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ΨΗ.ΘΗ.ΡΥ της Πόλης (Ψηφιακοί Θησαυροί και Ρυθμός της Πόλης)
Start date: 02 Jun 2016, End date: 01 Jun 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project idea is to promote many different places of cultural interest of the city of Nicosia and as a result to reveal the cultural identity and dimension of the city. Regarding the background of the project, seminars and educational programs were held for teachers and for all the members of the Politistiko Ergastiri Agion Omologiton in various historical places of the city.The objective of the project is to enable the staff (participants) to broaden their knowledge on the new technologies, digital applications, softwares and to incorporate these into the existing educational programs, which are held in various museums and galleries in Nicosia. Another objective is the creation of new educational programs for adults, on different aspects of cypriot history and culture. Also, a very important objective of the project is the creation and dissemination of educational material through seminars and workshops for school teachers, promoting active learning and developing metacognitive skills through the use of interdisciplinary activities.They are a total of four participants and they all have bachelor and masters degrees on Educational studies, Museum, Cultural and Technology Education. They do have a lot of experience in designing and developing educational programs in museums and galleries.Participants will take part in the following activities:-exploration of some basic museum interpretation skills and concepts and understanding of the museums as complex and multi-layered, linear, ordered or random collections of artefacts, images, sounds and words-exploration of practical eLearning solutions for use in the classroom and eLearning methods, innovations and technologies for use in museums and heritage sites.-creation of learning materials using readily available (mostly free) software and applications, using the context of culture and heritage-production and use mobile learning material in outdoor education-investigation of Europe, through its cities and towns. Exploring a number of aspects of cultural identity and comparing the various identities expressed by other Europeans (Urbanism and learning / Heritage and the city /Mobile learning in the city)-exploration of European Citizenship and Identity.The methodology to be used in carrying out the project is based on the organization of:-educational VISITS to places of cultural interest-WORKSHOPS for creative eLearning and dissemination of innovating methods and tools-SEMINARS for school teachers and for the members of the Politistiko Ergastiri Agion Omologiton-DESIGN and DEVELOPMENT educational programs for adults, families and students-PREPARATION of learning material for adults, families and studentsAs a result of the implementation of the project will be the staff training on innovating methods and digital tools, in order to be used for the design and development of new educational programs in various museums and heritage sites in Nicosia, for adults, families and students, enriched with new technological elements. Contact with colleagues and other respective organizations from other european countries, will lead to expansion of new ideas and most probably to new collaborations.The potential longer term benefits of the project we expect to be the:-adjustment and expansion of the museum and cultural educational programs into schools, since many of the adults that will be trained from our staff, will be school teachers.-collaporation with companies engaged in creating softwares and applications, in order to create specific ones for the needs of cultural / museum / urban education.
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