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Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project „ A nursery school opened to the world” will be realized in urban nursery school number 1 in Józefów from July 2016 to June 2018.The main element of the project is the departure of the group of six teachers in the date of 4-17 July 2016. The destination place of the project will be the language school Lake School of English in Oxford. Six teachers go for that course: Małgorzata Sierpińska, Małgorzata Szczęsna, Wioleta Pasik, Justyna Mordecka, Anna Salamończyk, Elżbieta Jaworska.They are all teachers of pre-school education with different professional experience (from 5 to 35 years of experience). Their main training needs are to improve language skills ( all main elements of language learning – reading,writing, listening and speaking), methodical ( the desire to enrich teaching workshop on new methods of using modern technologies and integrated language teaching CLIL), cultural, establishing foreign contacts and the possibility of direct contact with foreign culture. In addition, it is possible to highlight the needs of our entire institution such as the improvement of managing skills and strengthing the European dimension of our nursery school. On the basis of identified training needs of individual teachers and our whole institution the following objectives have been formulated for the project.1. The improvement of teachers' language skills.2. The purchase of European attitudes and experiencing interculturaism.3. The creation of the author's teaching curriculum which will use CLIL.4. The organization of events to bring closer the culture of other countries.5. The organization of the eTwinning project.6. Giving the European dimension to our institution.7. Gaining the experience in the implementation of that EU project.These objectives will be implemented through a range of activities. At first, there will be preparatory actions (linguistic, cultural and practical), thanks to which we will be able to better carry out the main elements of the project. (January-June 2016). Next a two-week trip of teachers will be held for the language course to Oxford during which they will have an opportunity to improve their competences in the above mentioned areas (4-17 June 2016). The last element of the longest lasting (September 2016 – June 2018) there will be actions popularizing the competence acquired during the trip to Oxford. Our teachers will have a form of classes opened to teachers from other nursery schools in the region, during which we will present the new learned methods (mainly CLIL and learning through playing.), the publication of materials about the project on our website, local press and pre-school wall announcements as well as the exchange of experiences with teachers from other European institutions on eTwinning projects. The chosen course is the two-week basic language course of English during which all core competences needed for effective communication in a foreign language will be trained – reading skills, writing, listening and speaking. The lecturers will pay much attention to practise communication skills and the use of grammar in practice. Additionally, it will be possible to practice acquired communication skills during contacts with English families where we are supposed to stay and the integration with other participants of the course.During the project the Europass CV and Language Passports certificates will be used as well as tools such as e-mails, Skype or Dysk Google.We expect that the project will have an impact on its participants, the Directorate, the remaining staff of our institution, nursery pupils, their parents, teachers of other nursery schools in the region as well as teachers from other countries, taking part with us in the eTwinning project. We think that our teachers will improve their language skills, cultural knowledge, methodical techniques and the ability to coopreate in an international group. We also believe that our nursery pupils will have the opportunity to know their peers from other countries ( thanks to the project) and the attitude of openess and tolerance towards children of different races and nationalities. Our whole institution will increase its European dimension as well as experience in the implementation of the EU projects. What is more, we will have teachers who will be able to incorporate elements of English language for everyday activities. Furthermore, the project will enrich its offer with new original curriculum using innovative methods such as CLIL, eTwinning and working with an interactive board.The long term benefits will give the international character of our institution (maintaining contacts with foreign partners through cooperation in eTwinning projects). To sum up, a significant improvement of our teachers' language skills, their understanding as well as implementing the idea of learning by entire life will probably succeed in organising the next Erasmus + programs.
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