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Przedszkolak - mały obywatel świata
Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Sep 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Preschool period has a large impact on the child's personality and attitudes. The teacher should strive for comprehensive development of preschool and best allies in achieving this objective will include the stimulating the curiosity surrounding world, multiculturalism, ecology and healthy lifestyle. This will cause will be launched mechanisms to shape the future of the child being proactive in social life, which is the main objective in the plan of kindergarten on activities related to international cooperation. The teacher should be a guide for the child after the complicated and inaccessible world. Children need to know that between them are different people, lifestyle, culture, living next to or very far away. The starting point for properly planned intercultural education is to learn about their own cultural identity by children, as well as other nations.The main objective of the foreign mobility and activities related to international cooperation is:• Teaching English as a means to explore the world and its diversity of people and cultures, as a universal tool to communicate• discovering the child regional and national identity• shape their self-esteem• Wake curiosity around the world• upbringing in a spirit of respect for diversity• introducing children to the world of universal values, such as goodness, friendship, equality, fraternity,• zooming the world a healthy, ecologically.Implementation is gradually introduced to the world of multicultural, ecological allowing child be a small citizen of the world.The result of the participation of teachers in the project will:• increasing the linguistic competence - better knowledge of foreign languages,• broaden the knowledge of education systems in EU countries,• acquire the skills to modernize the educational process in terms of openness to diversity and multiculturalism,• improving the quality of work,• increase incentives to work,• greater support for action on the mobility of learners,• Greater opportunities for improvement and career development.The premise of the project Erasmus' Preschooler - little citizen of the world "is to achieve the following objectives:• broaden the knowledge about the culture of other countries,• knowledge and application of new methods and forms of work, activation charges,• gaining a broader knowledge of the practices, policies and systems in the field of education in different countries,• Practical learning a foreign language,• increase the prestige of institutions, as using modern methods and guiding international cooperation• achieving greater ability to create change in terms of modernization and openness to the international community educational organizations.Achieve its objectives, the project participants will have increased powers, greater motivation to undertake innovative activities and satisfaction with daily work in your facility.The project involves 12 teachers. When selecting participants guided by the need to raise awareness of multicultural development, environmental attitudes and a healthy lifestyle. All teachers are fully qualified to teach in the field of preschool education. Each of them also completed other forms of improvement, raising his qualifications. This selection of teachers suggests that the experience gained during the project, they will contribute to personal development, which is always the effect of increasing the quality of teaching and upbringing. The actions of teachers participating in the foreign educational mobility will help to meet the identified needs of kindergarten.The effectiveness of the design determines, inter alia, the selection of methods and forms to impact was fully effective. The teacher should take into account these characteristics that dominate and prejudice the forms of activity of living and thinking. Activating methods are a certain way interaction group. They enable active learning, both by action and survival.The most effective methods applied in the project will be activating methods and method projects.

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