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Proyecto Suma-T
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our proyect "Suma-T" was created because we needed to renew our school to achieve the expectations of our students. It is based on 3 big groups that are conected: Bilingualism, ICT and New Methodologies. That is why we called it Suma -"T" ("Add-T") T from Technoogy, from Touching Learning, from Tablets...and all through CLIL and cooperative learning. We need training in these three aspects to develop this project. Therefore, we present the most important aspects of it in a schematically way: 1) CONTEXT: Our school is located in Malaga, in a medium-low socio-cultural area. It has ALL the non-university educational stages. We define ourselves as a concerned and involved centre in education. Therefore: - We are a "Bilingual school" since 2012/13 - We have three working and research groups in: Bilingualism, New Technologies and New Methodologies. - We have a Quality Management Certificate UNE-EN-ISO 9001 issued by Educatia (AENOR). - We are Erasmus + centre. 2) OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT: GOAL - Improve Digital, methodological and language skills (English). - Implement bilingualism and ICT in Secondary School and go in depth in Preschool-Primary. SECONDARY OBJECTIVES - Increase the European dimension. - Deepen and experience new methodologies applied to the classroom. - Increase the level of communication with other European centers for future joint projects. - Investigate and deepen technological resources, apps, webs... 3) NUMBER AND PROFILE OF PARTICIPANTS. To get a quality project, we consider that the candidates should be: - 1 Preschool teacher (with 3 years of experience in the Bilingual project and coordinating the development of this project in pre-primary). She needs training in CLIL and ITC in the classroom because she will be in charge of developing this project at this stage. - 1 Primary teacher and ICT Coordinator. (With over 10 years of experience in education, with extensive training in ICT applied to classroom and teaching courses to experienced teachers). He needs training in CLIL and get the B2 certification in English to be able to give classes of PE in English. Also, as the ITC coordinator, he needs to investigate new ICT resources applied to the classroom to implement the use of tablets in our school. - 1 DNL teacher and Coordinator of bilingualism (with 7 years of experience in Pre-Primary and Primary (DNL). She is very interested in CLIL and bilingualism, and she has experience in the use of Tablets and Interactive Whiteboard in the classroom. She needs further their training in the use of these methodologies and see the application of technology to the DNL classes. -1 English-French teacher in Secondary, with experience in coordination of Bilingualism some years ago. Also, she is the Head of Studies of Secondary. She is necessary to implement this project in upper stages where she has experience (Secondary-School). 4) DESCRIPTION OF WORK: - 1 structured visit to schools in Finland- 7 days (Hesinki) to investigate and observe new European methodologies. - Course: ICT FOR TEACHING (10 days): A practical course to Incorporate Information Technology into Teaching - Course: CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) (10 days), in Dublin. 5) Methodology: Based on researching different methodologies and go in-depth in CLIL and ITC. The project will be carried out in collaboration with English Matters (with many years of experience in these kind of experiences). 6) IMPACT AND BENEFITS a) Development of our intercultural perception. b) More effective teaching to our students with a research-based methodology c) Implementation of the use of technological resources in the classroom. d) Improving the level of English e) Implementation of practical ideas learned in this experience. f) Improvements in our curricula and the teaching approach. g) Development of European basic skills of our students. h) New European contacts for future projects. i) Local, provincial, national and international impact. j) Increased motivation of teachers in research and European experiences. As a conclusion, we think it is a great opportunity to grow profesionally and to take part in international projects with an European collaboration in order to offer a quality education based in the necesities of young people.
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