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Proyecto Integral de Intervención en el Fracaso Escolar en Toledo
Start date: May 1, 2013,

In the city of Toledo have detected several cases of school failure from Llere actions have been conducted that attempt to reduce this problem. These experiences, along with the demands of teachers, parents, neighbors and other agents have resulted in the need to art1culate a project and were globally the problem from different perspectives.This will articulate different proposals to work on the three main areas to consider within the school failure: absenteeism and dropout delay. This is intended to address the needs of children, adolescents and adults with various difficulties according to their different realities, but all of them framed and coordinated intervention with !he municipal social services.Our priority is focused on preventing the progression of the causes that preven! a standardized school adjustment and get the attendance of all 1 as 1 as children of compulsory school age who are vulnerable or social exclus1on, offering and creating support measures to schooling by tracking and reducing truancy and mediation between the family and the school, promoting standardization of training levels in primary, incorporating secondary and assistance. Justas the end of compulsory education to enter the workforce. These measures take into account the social, educational and family through four types of actions: Preventive actions, designed to encourage early intervention to preven! the emergence of absentee behaviors and school failure monitoring and control actions aimedat normalizing the effective intervention behavior in cases of absentees; shares placement to support the integration process truant school students, and, finally, globa lizing actions to ensure complementarity and coherence of the involvement of all stakeholders: schools. juvenile families, social service agencies, etc..

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