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Proyecto Estratégico dirigido a la mejora de las metodologías curriculares basadas en el uso de las CLIL en el aula.
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our school is located in Mataró, a coastal city of 150,000 h with 6 more public schools and other private ones. Mataró is located in the region of Maresme, 30 km from Barcelona. Our Center encompasses studies of compulsory secondary education, secondary education and vocational training of intermediate and Superior of different families. In 2005, began a process of working through strategic plans whose main objective was to improve educational outcomes and unite the educational community.From the 2010 Strategic Plan set objectives and actions aimed at the improvement of English through the European exchange students at the academic level to carry out practices in companies in the EU. Since the 2010-11 academic year work in classrooms with the project educated 2.0, consisting of the replacement of the paper book by digital book, as well as the use of digital whiteboards in all that. After the first experience as satisfactory, we feel very motivated to continue with the objectives that we set ourselves from the very beginning with a second project. Currently address is being developed which will be Center Strategic Plan 2015-2019 and the Generalitat de Catalunya has extended us the current one until, at the end of this course,the new one is approved. Our objectives in the field of European integration are: 1. the motivation of our students for mandatory studies and further education after that. 2. the improvement of the language skills of the teaching staff in order to be able to teach their subjects in English (CLIL /AICLE). 3.-awareness of students about the importance of a better education among people from different countries and cultures. 4. a better understanding of the European context through the identification of socio-cultural similarities and differences. 5. emphasizing the role of minorities in decision-making at a local and international level. 6.-a greater social participation in the activities of the project of the students, improving their proficiency in foreign languages through levels of living and working in Europe. 7.-improving the quality of education, promoting the development of intercultural competence through the use of ICT to exchange information among members of other European countries. 8. better adaptation of our students in the labour market so that they acquire specific skills and improve their understanding of the economic environment of the country,addressed to the educational community in general to enhance all the activities related to the mobility. Teachers who will carry out these mobilities (8) are teachers belonging to the areas of social sciences, ICT, English and math. The areas of ICT, English, and mathematics are most vulnerable on performance indicators for the year 2012-2013 made by the quality Department of our school The area of social sciences already opened this course with a line in English at 1st year Secondary School. The 2015-2016 schoolyear a new line in social sciences 2nd li of Secondary School will be opened and so on gradually. The following year ICT will be incorporated in English from 1º of Secondary School even though they have already carried out activities with the help of the teaching assistant that we have this year and in three years we hope to incorporate the experimental/physics and chemistry as other CLIL subjects, so the 2018-2019 schoolyear we can fulfill our goal of being the first trilingual Mataró Public School. In general terms the impact of our School project implies to develop competence and digital skills, used by every teacher in his /her subject and with the proper methodology. This would imply a remarkable qualitative improvement in the feedback between our teachers and our students, reaching much more satisfactory results indicators. (See DAFOs and diagnostic assessment tests). The expected impact could be summed up in several points: 1.- improvement of the results of promotion at the end of 4 th of Secondary School, which would indicate an improvement in the motivation of students to continue studying. 2.- increase of the interest of certain students in keeping on studying in the vocational training of intermediate level. 3.-. improvement of competences in English and math and in the result indicators of tests for diagnostic evaluation which take place in February of each year and are applied directly by Generalitat de Catalunya 4.- consolidation of our objective, thanks to the smooth functioning of the gear of the teacher training of the incorporation of CLIL subject, our medium term project to become the first trilingual Institute of Mataró.

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