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Proyección europea de Ses Estacions
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Ses Estacions is involved in a programme to improve the quality of education. Some features that describe our context are: a high rate of our students have a disadvantaged socio-economical background; the staff has taken part in several iniatives seeking an improvement of results, since our students in secondary education have poor results in comparison with those in the rest of the island ; our families and students demand more lessons in English; the vocational training courses offered at our school are increasing , and so are the number of subjects which have to be taught in English. This improvement programme involves the following measures:- Change the methodology applied in some lessons so that students become the centre of learning and their motivation increases. - Introduce cooperative learning projects .- Improve our students' competence in foreign languages. - Give students the opportunity to do their training period in foreign companies. - Establish contacts between our pupils and those from other European schools.To reach this goal, we should offer our teachers a solid training. Thus, we have defined two strategic training lines: - In linguistic competence. In order to increase the number of subjects taught in English as well as to improve the level of English of the teachers who already teach in English and of tutors or coordinators of students doing training periods abroad, we intend to send five teachers to take a course in the United Kingdom. We are also sending a teacher to Germany to update her German language and methodology . - In methodology update. Two teachers of Art History and Classic Languages will travel to Italy, where they will do a training course on the matters they teach in order to improve the quality of our Humanistic Studies. They are both involved in school projects, since one of them coordinates the library and the other after-school activities. Two members of the Managing Team will take a course where they will see how good teaching practices are applied at schools in Ireland and Finland and they will update their English level at the same time, being one of them an English teacher and the other a teacher of Chemistry and Physics in English . This project is meant as a second part of an Erasmus KA1 for teacher training which has allowed us to finance five mobilities of teachers this school year, with very positive experiences. It is also complemented by a KA103 application and a KA102 consortium application in the call 2016 for training periods of students abroad and for vocationa training teachers' mobilities. We have also taken steps to enter a school association with our 14-16-year-old students. Results will be spread through periodical teachers' meetings and committees, which will encourage future teacher training. Our school community will also be informed, which will lead to increase our families' satisfaction rates. Several media will be used to reach more people. The long-term benefits and impact will be that our teachers will work with more motivation and will become more involved in the school improvement because the participants have a stable situation at our school and lead committees with other teachers in them; the vocational training students will gain in quality of education and, consequently in employability; our school will become more outstanding and will attract future students.
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