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proVOCAting innovaTION - uniting vocation, active citizenship and entrepreneurship in youth work
Start date: Feb 2, 2015, End date: Jun 1, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The strategic partnership "proVOCAting innovaTION - uniting vocation, active citizenship and entrepreneurship in youth work" is designed to develop and implement innovative approaches and methodologies on the field of youth work through exchanging experience and co-developing an educational curriculum and related teaching and learning material. The project aims to focus on and unite three key topics: authentic vocation, active citizenship and social entrepreneurship. Through our engagement on the field of youth work, we have observed the increasing need for an educational program and relevant material, which combines these three areas. Therefore the main rationale of this project is the realization that the often separately treated areas of vocation, active citizenship and entrepreneurship need to be adressed simultanously in order to empower young people to become initiators of sustainable projects, which not only support them in sustaining themselves but also contribute to the creation of a democratic, inclusive, just, sustainable and creative European society. Through bringing together four highly experienced organisations (Pandora Association from Hungary, GetActive from Austria, Paradiso Ritrovato from Italy and oikos Lebenskunst e.V. from Germany) operating on the field of youth work in different regions of Europe we aim to address these topics through a multilevel approach, which includes the exchange of best practices, non-formal educational tools, know-how and methodologies on the field of youth work, the development of innovative educational material such as a course curriculum, a handbook, a Creative Coaching Kit and a project website. Young people, youth workers and professionals active on the field of youth work will be involved on all levels of the project. The project outputs will be thorougly disseminated, promoted and made freely accessible on the strategic partnership's website. The educational curriculum will be tested through an international Pilot Training and disseminated through both an international multiplier seminar, and local multiplier events. The materials developed will be implemented within different organisational, cultural and social settings. With these materials, youth workers, trainers, teachers, coaches and trainers will find innovative ways to support and empower young people on their quest for living a meaningful life, finding authentic vocation, addressing the social, economic and environmental challenges of contemporary European society and starting and running sustainable social businesses and/or initiatives.
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