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Provision of a European training infrastructure (EuroTraining)
Start date: 01 Nov 2007, End date: 31 Oct 2010 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Description Nanoelectronics training courses, training material, training roadmaps and stimulation actions targeting the recruitment of young people for engineering careers The EuroTraining action offers access to a comprehensive range of advanced training courses. Special attention is devoted to develop and make available courses supporting the CMOS technology, targeting digital components and complex digital Systems on Chip ("More Moore"); to master diversification targeting non-digital applications, heterogeneous integration in Systems-on-Chip or Systems-in-a-Package ("More than Moore") and to prepare for the technology generation beyond the CMOS scaling limits ("beyond CMOS").The courses offered are structured in three levels: ECTS accredited courses, Quality Labelled courses and Other courses.Annually EuroTraining offers more than 500 courses. Nearly half of these courses are either ECTS courses or Quality Labelled courses. Since the start in 1995 of the preceding EuroTraining project 5.400 courses have entered into the web service and more than 1.2 million training users have accessed the service in order to find the right training.EuroTraining has more than 10.000 training subscribers who receive monthly training offers. More than 35% of EuroTraining’s users come from .com domains. Adding hereto industrial users with national domain codes indicates that around 50% of EuroTraining’s users are coming from industry. This is also reflected in the ranking of the popularity of the training providers: Those getting most visitors are the commercial training providers typically offering hands-on training.EuroTraining has developed training roadmaps describing the requirements with respect to developing new nanoelectronics and micro-/nanosystems curricula. Major influencers in the development of new curricula have been defined and discussed and a model for the development of new curricula has been presented.EuroTraining has developed training roadmaps describing the requirements with respect to industrial training needed when adopting nanoelectronics and micro-/nanosystems. These reports have been derived from the ITRS roadmaps, various EC strategy papers, web surveys and by means of a nanoExpert panel consisting of academic and industrial representatives.The major conclusions from the roadmaps are that a stimulation of course provision is needed in areas like nanoscience and nanotechnology, including beyond CMOS. In order to stimulate the recruitment of young people it is also concluded that training is needed for all ages (school, graduate, post-graduate). However special attention is needed for actions on teachers’ training (train-thetrainers) and educational materials (e.g. use of Internet and course sharing).In order to support industrial exploitation in these areas, EuroTraining has offered a series of Training-the-Trainers courses in countries where nanoelectronics and micro-/nanosystems are less deployed.
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