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Providing Active Skills for Tourism
Start date: Nov 1, 2014, End date: Oct 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In the context of the global economic crisis and of the employment crisis, the tourism sector is one of the few areas showing a countertrend. The most recent data (European Commission) indicate that the tourism industry in Europe shows an increase of 5% in the first half of 2013, confirming Italy in second place among the most visited countries. In our country, the sector provides employment to 11 % of Italian companies and may represent, in the current market conditions, the environment in which development can be materialized. For this to happen, it is necessary that the hosting services and the products offered become more qualified and diversified according to the customers, especially those coming from abroad. It is therefore necessary to equip with qualified expertise, based on international practices, young graduates who graduated from VET for tourism. Through its 21 European partners PAST intends to integrate the education of 98 young graduates with a three-month internship to be carried out abroad at facilities and companies active in the tourism sector.The intent is to consolidate knowledge and skills, to refine them in a foreign context (a typical condition of the tourism) and thus to enrich and complement the educational background of future employees involved into tourist services of our country. The internship is designed in particular to customize skills and soft skills which haven’t yet been developed during the years of study, to ameliorate language skills, so as to confirm indeed the European citizenship vocation of every youngster. For sending partners, intermediaries and those welcoming the trainees there is the opportunity to strengthen their collaboration - already in place for many of them - and thus to give further impetus to an integrated vocational training system.PAST will send 98 VET graduates, of which 4 have physical disability, in 7 countries (DE , IE, CZ, FR , ES , PT, and GR) for a period of three months having them selected, prepared and constantly monitored in their learning process. Young graduates are coming from all over Italy, but at least half of them will be selected from Southern Italy, especially from Sicily, an area that requires - more than others - a boost for youth employment and the strengthening of the tourist sector; half of the trainees will be women. The partners, both Italian and foreign ones, will accompany this educational journey through the signing of a "Learning Agreement" with the entities involved and with the trainees, by means of an ongoing monitoring, through the planning of a constant flow of communication among all the actors of the project.PAST intends to disseminate its activities and the results through the use of media channels (partners’ websites, forums, media and social media) which are already implemented by the partnership, and strengthening the dissemination with 4 conference events in the related territories, so as to further stimulate interest in the initiative for the years to follow.In terms of impact, PAST estimates to have a relevant effect on the territory due to the presence of 98 professionals enriched with foreign expertise, thus promoting the employment of young participants and further classifying the range of services provided, at least, by as many tourism businesses, thanks to the know- how brought by young recruits.
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