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PROVE (PROject - VET - Europe): Improving Quality Assurance of EU-Project Management in VET Sector

The PROVE project aims to improve the quality of EU-Project Management through the delivery of 4 major products of European dimension:- the Code of Ethics for EU-Project Managers,- the Guide for EU-Project Managers,- the Survey for EU-Project Managers,- the Curriculum for EU-Project Managers.The transnational project is based on an interdisciplinary, innovative and collaborative approach:- Interdisciplinary because it seeks convergence between the existing Project Management methods, standards and guidelines such as PRINCE2©, PMBOK©, IPMA©, Project Cycle Management/Logical Framework Approach, ISO 10006:2003 and ISO 21500:2012.- Innovative because it applies the benefits of these methods, standards or guidances to the specific needs of the EU-Project Managers.- Collaborative because the 4 products have jointly been elaborated by the 9 project partners, using peer-learning methods and teamwork.The survey conducted as part of the project has confirmed that EU-Project Managers consider "Ethics" as one of the most important "behavioural" competence. EU-Project Managers also reckon the importance of training to acquire the necessary knowledge and competences in Project Management. Besides, 84% of the EU-Project Managers declare that applying a Project Management methodology is important for the success of an EU-project, but only 48% actually use a method!PROVE answers these concerns through the delivery of a Code of Ethics, a Curriculum and a Guide for EU-Project Managers. The objective is to raise a culture of quality, reliability and efficiency in EU-projects of the VET sector and beyond. The PROVE partners are Vocational Education and Training organisations, consultancies, NGOs, associations of professionals, from 8 countries, holding the expertise in Project Management and/or in EU-funded projects, all of them sharing the same concern for quality and quality assurance. (30.07.2014)

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