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Protected areas and national parks in Europe

Our concrete aim is to increase the knowledge of and interest in regional, national and European nature reserves among students and the employees of participant schools. Participants will learn about different strategies for the conservation of protected areas. They will find out about their importance for regional, national and global ecosystems and they will also learn about the various dangers these ecosystems are confronted with. During the meetings fieldwork will be done by visiting protected areas and familiarizing with the environment in practice.In the individual institutions students will collect information about a chosen National Park or other protected area. They will study the special characteristics of that area. They will learn about different educational concepts to promote the idea of nature preservation. And they will – hopefully – become ambassadors for this idea among their fellow youth.In project meetings schools will present their work with posters, power-point-presentations and video-clips. At each school students will organise exhibitions. Teachers will develop their educational/pedagogical methods and get new inspiration for teaching methods and materials. All employees in schools will get information through the exhibitions.
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