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Prosociality Sport Club - Prosociality for Integration and Multiculturalism
Start date: Oct 1, 2011,

The project intends to contribute to the creation of a learning environment proactive for the development of a new approach to reinforce the social competences, specifically in students at risk of marginalization to support their permanence in the formal education and their participation in the higher education. The Model of learning and teaching is defined as “prosocial”, being based on an educative style that involves the areas of the relationships of the School conceived as a Community. Prosociality is a theoretical frame, referred to the paradigm that promote the development of system of interpersonal interactions, such as co-operation or selflessness, centred on sharing a common and extrinsic interest, around which interpersonal interaction take place in order to contribute to achieving common educative goals. In this way, the project intends:- to explore the impact of different educative experiences involving the students in and out the scholar environment- to involve all the actors who are in wide sense educators, without in same cases having the needed awareness. This is the meaning of a process defined as “Educating Community”, a term intending to frame social connections playing a role in the education of the students and having an extraordinary potentiality of supporting the effort of motivating adolescents with an immigration background or involved in social phenomena of marginalization.The EC will be experimented asking to the participants to sign a formal agreement, in order to reinforce the role of the social actors involved. Members of the EC could be associations and institutions referred to the local area where the students live. The EC will be experimented in the sport activity, where the so-called “educative conflict” can be easily generated and the process of the motivation of the vulnerable groups disregarded. A Documentary telling the stories of the Prosocial teams will be broadcasted in European TVs and presented in film festivals.
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