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Προσφυγικές ροές και διαχείριση ανακύκλωσιμων υλικών με σκοπό τη μετατροπή τους σε χρηστικά αντικείμενα αρωγής των προσφύγων.
Start date: Jul 11, 2016, End date: Jul 10, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our island has been in the spotlight of current affairs due to the uncontrollable and continuous influx of refugees and immigrants. Although the local community and authorities, in accordance with various organizations, are making a maximum effort to control the situation the need for waste management hat arises from uncontrollable littering is an undeniable fact. A direct consequence of this situation is the further and seemingly uncontrollable environmental pollution of the island. Yet it remains obvious that many of these “useless” objects could be reused under proper arrangement to assist the refugees. Our project is the implementation of a plan that will lead to the information and training of a number of students in European recycling methods. Eventually, trainees will contribute to raising awareness of the local community and authorities to organize, fund and support recycling activities on the island. For this reason, students of Technical Vocational schools from several educational specializations have been selected. This selection was mainly based on their interest in the aims of the project and on the fact that the majority of these students become active members of the workforce, once they finish High School. It is also possible that they will seek employment in this area, if they are funded. The activities of the project involve educational visits to recycling enterprises and focus on ways to recycle and reuse apparently useless objects. In this way, they will observe and experience the procedure and gather all the necessary information. The expected results involve the awareness of the trainees in environmental subjects, waste management and the promotion and professional use of the recycled materials, always focusing on the relief of refugees. A possible benefit from this procedure will also include the involvement of State officials for the financial support and possibly the employment of the trainees. The ultimate goal of this awareness would be the environmental and economic protection of the island and at the same time the increase of the quality of the services offered to the refugees.
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