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"Πρόωρη Σχολική Εγκατάλειψη στην Ελλάδα της Κρίσης-Οι Εκπαιδευτικές διαστάσεις της ανεργείας, της φτώχειας & του κοινωνικού αποκλεισμού στην αγροτική & βιομηχανική περιοχή Σίνδου-Χαλάστρας. Καινοτόμες Διδακτικές πρακτικές & Τρόποι αντιμετώπισης"
Start date: Jul 6, 2016, End date: Jul 5, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project entitled "Early School Leaving in Greece Crisis-The Educational dimensions of unemployment, poverty and social exclusion in rural and industrial area of Sindos-Halastra. Innovative Teaching Practices and Responses" is a practical manifestation of our concerns and interest in the problem of students’ dropout. Background of the Project- Highly-motivated by the fear that exists for the increase of the phenomenon in the coming years which may take dimensions of a generalized educational crisis deriving from the economic crisis in our country as educational inequalities will swell and early dropout from the protective school environment will inevitably lead to an increase of phenomena such as child and undeclared work, the labor exploitation of those young people who would not have qualified, juvenile delinquency, social exclusion. Trying to shield both our students, and ourselves, as servants of education, in front of the upcoming educational crisis and the obsolescence of school, we decided to implement this project and to participate in a European action in order to have a clear picture of what happens in rest of Europe. All our estimates show us that school dropout rates will increase dramatically in our region due to the prolonged economic crisis and the inability of many families to support their members within the levels of the education system. Our region suffers from high unemployment with dozens of factories having closed. We believe that if this situation continues, it will be difficult to hold the student population within the school as education will be an extremely painful and expensive option for the Greek family. Objectives of the project: 1. to sound the alarm about upsurge of the phenomenon of school abandonment, both to our students, parents, the local community 2. Internationalization of our school and its European dimension by concluding partnerships/collaborations with partners 3.To educate and adopt new teaching approaches for a climate within the school that will prevent ‘leakage’. Participants' Profile:The number of participants is 4 teachers. This is a group of teachers who have a high level of scientific expertise in education issues, with Master's degree in Education, with research experience in the educational sector, long-term professional experience in Public Secondary Education, and many years of teaching students with different cultural, linguistic and cognitive backgrounds. All this, combined with their proficiency in the English language [which is the working language of the seminar], the optimum use of the PC and New Technologies [interactive whiteboards, Teleconferences, Online connections used in their teaching practice] constitute a scientific team of highest scientific level with all the guarantees of successful implementation of the project. MethodologyInitially, the methodology of the project includes bibliographical research, exploitation of the Internet, finding a suitable partner from a different environment whose knowledge and expertise can be utilized to produce high quality results (strategic partnership). During the project, we will be implementing new teaching practices to our students. Individual interviews with other partners to collect data, organize presentations and informative workshop for dissemination of knowledge, a questionnaire design for evaluating the results of our project will be our methodological tools. In the end, evaluation and self-evaluation processes of participants. Expected resultsThe expected results of our participation is to acquire new knowledge, changing attitudes and adopting new methods to tackle dropout. We believe that the experience gained will enhance our professional development and facilitate our educational work. We also hope to become useful conduits of knowledge and experience for our fellow teachers and effective helpers of families faced with the probability of dropping out of school. For our students, we are confident that with the completion of the project, they will be more properly prepared, trained and substantially informed. As for possible long-term benefits, the dissemination of our experience, the implementation of new, effective methods of intervention would include, the biggest benefit of all, reduction of dropout.
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