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Promotion of volunteering in Kazan
Start date: Jan 5, 2015, End date: Feb 4, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Promotion of solidarity and international volunteering Tatarstan regional youth public organization "International Voluntary Center" Sodrujestvo " aims to develop solidarity and promote tolerance between people, encouraging and supporting participation of youngsters in voluntary activities worldwide. For this reason we organize activities and campaigns for the promotion of peace, international solidarity and mutual understanding; besides workcamps and long term voluntary projects. The volunteer will develop his program mainly in the office of the organization, with the supervision and follow up of a responsible and trained person. Our volunteer candidate form Hungary is a good job for the position as he is interested in Russia and in the Russian culture and he studies the Russian language at the same time. Objectives of the proposed EVS project: - to involve a European volunteer in the promotion of international voluntarism as a practice of active citizenship, intercultural education and personal and social growth in the local youth community; - to spread the word about the initiatives organized in Russia or Tatarstan in order to promote the exchange of ideas and the intercultural respect, and to raise interest of youngsters in actions which stimulate international solidarity; -to start a discussion in the local community about the relationship between the Russian Federation and the EU. The proposed activites for the volunteer include among others the following points: -weekly intercultural discussion clubs with our project partners (Kazan Federal University, German-Russian House among others) about acute problems of the modern world as well as about volunteering -writing a blog about his experiences on our website, taking part in local TV and radio talk shows promoting international volunteering -giving English lessons in the rehabilitation center on disadvantaged kids, as well as taking part in the intercultural communication children camp organised by us every summer -The volunteer will also make Hungarian language communication club in Sodrujestvo office (the volunteer will carry out a number of workshops about Hungary and master-classes about the Hungarian language). The volunteer will have a mentor who will be helping him in the learning process. Each period of the service represents some kind of learning opportunity and so the mentor will help the volunteer to identify these learning opportunities and take advantage of them. Analysing and reflecting together with the mentor, summarizing the conclusions will make it more useful for the volunteer. These activities will give the volunteer a chance to develop his creativity and to learn how to follow up a project, from its visualisation to implementation, with a constant support and evaluation from the organization staff. We expect that after his voluntary service in our organization the participant will acquire our goals and will get involved in various other voluntary activities in the future. We also hope that as an impact of the time being spent in Russia, will help the participant to span the cultural differences between Russia and Hungary and to develop him a person who can can be an "ambassador" between the the two above mentioned countries through his experiences during his voluntary service as well as thorugh his acquaintenances gained while in Russia. For the hosting organization, taking into consideration our numerous and long-term projects, the opportunity of having a European volunteer on board, with his different intercultural background, would be very valuable for improving our already existing activities. For the target groups (local volunteers, orphans and the local community as a whole) the EVS volunteer is a valuable resource since his presence and commitment promotes the intercultural dimension of our activites, improves the socialization and raises new forms of expressions and relations. We, at Sodrujestvo believe that giving young people a chance to work abroad as long-term volunteers is an important opportunity. This chance helps them to develop as personalities and turn into active citizens, open minded people, tolerant to other cultures, races, religions, nationalities. Practice shows that the young people, who have served as long-term volunteers become politically and socially active and after their projects are finished, they do a lot in the field of youth and intercultural education, social inclusion and human rights, which is very important both national as well as on international level. Tatarstan regional youth public organization "International Voluntary Center" Sodrujestvo is sure that attracting a European volunteer to participate in its projects allows them to make a bigger impact on the society with their activities.

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