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Start date: Oct 1, 2011,

The employability issue plays a key role in the strategic management of the IES. The more recent evolution of these institutions is marked by a growing concern about structures allowing them to be closer and have a more efficient approach of the labour market. The FOLLOW project aims at developing a European network of cooperation between Higher Education Institutions (HEI) with the ultimate goal of improving and enhancing the employability of its graduates. This proposal strives to build a common desire of the different European partners to place on the European political agenda the specific and broad issue of employability. A wide spectrum of media is to be used in the FOLLOW project, both in the development and dissemination stage. A website for internal and external use, a web blog and a discussion forum will be developed. In addition, we also support the project with additional material such as brochures.The absence of a European structure exclusively dedicated to HEI employability issues is a strong mobile for the FOLLOW project setting out to create the foundations, both on a documental and methodological basis, for such a structure. The FOLLOW main goals are organizing a main seminar and additional workshops about the promotion and follow-up of the employability of graduates at HEI’s, promoting initiatives and campaigns to raise awareness among the target population, creating conditions to promote a formal structure responsible for the monitoring of the graduates employability in European HEI and producing overall statistics about employability. This stage will have a potential development after the project is finished, namely, a valid contribution to the specific goals of Europe 2020 and the elaboration of a guide with the European referential to classify the good graduates’ employability practices.

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