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Promoting web 2.0 uptake for organisational and personnel development in VET and adult training
Start date: Jan 1, 2010,

1. Background: Personnel and organisational development plays a significant role for the strategic development of every organisation. Especially in organisations whose business concept foots on the knowledge of highly qualified employees such as training institutions are dependent on innovative personnel and organisational management concepts. An effective and target-oriented communication and knowledge exchange is an important asset but is only possible with an organisational culture away from the hierarchical model towards flat hierarchies and self-organisation of teams. SVEA addresses the collaboration and web 2.0 skills of teachers and trainers in VET and adult training institutions with a special focus on personnel and organisational development. Trainings will not only empower teachers and trainers within their organisation enabling them to actively co-develop their organisational processes within their organisation; but at the same time will also enable them to use these tools for learner-centred teaching.2. Outputs -Online and face to face trainings on organisational development with web 2.0- Training material such as guideline on successful implementation of web 2.0 in training institutions- Report on web 2.0 uptake in VET and adult training institutions- Platform offering Web 2.0 tools3. Results- Developing and promoting new forms of working, qualification and communication processes through the usage of innovative, net-based technologies- Upgrading e-skills in VET and adult training institutions with regard to personnel and organisational development4. Impact on-Target group: Upgrading web 2.0 and collaboration competences of teachers and trainers-VET and adult training institutions: more efficient organisational processes and improved services which leads to visibility and greater competitiveness- Educational system: further development towards design for all/co-develop approaches

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