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Promoting the modernization and strengthening of institutional and financial autonomy in Southern Neighbouring Area higher education institutions
Start date: Oct 15, 2010,

The project is born from real needs identified via research and past experiences. This includes knowledge that increased autonomy and efficiency are desirable for Financial Management (FM) in the partner countries, and that this is a strategic goal for many.Overall Objective: lend specific support to institutional demands for increased efficiency, autonomy & transparency in FM in partnering Southern Neighbouring Area (SNA) HEIs, in line with national schemes & regional Tempus priorities. UNAM seeks support mechanisms to existing ideas in target HEIs. More specifically, to*develop transparent financial culture promoting decentralisation & financial autonomy *create a platform for dialogue through a recognised regional network of HEI Managers to exchange good practice in FM;*sustainably strengthen managerial, strategic, admin & technical capacities in 8 SNA HEIs through targeted trainings, development of strategies & technical support systems for effective FM by 2013.UNAM commences with an analysis via benchmarking to compare FM methods, and evaluate training needs to tailor HR development. Targeted training takes place based on this for various stakeholders to assist effective FM, later converted to e-modules for wider dissemination. In parallel, planning institutional capacity building incl. interdepartmental dialogue and upgrading of IT systems for FM takes place. This leads to improved knowledge, modernization plans and system development in target HEIs. A small-scale pilot action in select departments will test and provide feedback. Lastly, policy & strategic planning is key in UNAM. National roundtables and supra-regional conferences take place, whilst the development of FM Action Plans in each HEI adds sustainability and structures. Finally, outputs are consolidated and 2 publications are produced, a policy-oriented and a practical handbook.Underpinning this is the involvement of stakeholders at all levels: government, rectors, managers, & students.

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