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Promoting Healthy Living and Well-being for Parkinson Patients through Social Network and ICT Training
Start date: Oct 1, 2012,

While European´s demographic structure is changing rapidly, the individual pattern of social interaction has also been changing dramatically in recent years. Advances in ICT have stimulated the emergence of new concepts that represent non-physical environments in which people are connected to share ideas, concepts and resources in order to better respond to emerging challenges/opportunities. These social networks more than entertaining connect people, forming a multifaceted network of relationships, which in turn enables and facilitates collaboration and companionship. Recent data show that one of the major barriers to successful care in Diseased Seniors with Parkinson is the lack of information and the inability to easily socialize with others peers. To overcome this obstacle is important to connect Parkinson Patients with their friends, family, peers and even doctors and build communities. Most importantly, this social network also serve as powerful motivators so that users take responsibility for their own health as they can be designed for increasing awareness, prevention, diagnosis, health management, acute care, rehabilitation. Parkinson population needs to be integrated within our society and it’s important to take advantage of the technological advances to create solutions that help them improve their overall well-being. The LivingWell project aims to develop an innovative Web-based Training and Social Networking System which targets Parkinson patients, to self-manage their condition, reduce the burden on their caregivers and promoting their well-being and inclusion; Caregivers with access to information, training and greater support community; Health and Medical Professionals enabling them to remotely and continuously monitor the patient´s participation in the activities helping to improve their effective rehabilitation.
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