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Promoting ESE and LLL in Estonia
Start date: Mar 1, 2011,

The reason for the project ESE-LLL is to help to achieve the EU2020 and EU 2020 E&T strategy objectives for Making lifelong learning and mobility a reality and Promoting equity, social cohesion and active citizenship. Estonia faces following problems: •the amount of population participating in LLL is low, •unemployment rate is high and there is a mismatch between labour market needs and skills and qualifications of the unemployed•there is no coordination of LLL activities among educational stakeholders / interested parties (IP-s).The overall objective of the project is to increase the awareness and participation rate in LLL activities of the Estonian population, especially DLG., The specific objectives of the project are:1.To increase awareness and understanding of the benefits of LLL among the wider public. Measure: participation rate in LLL in 2013 increased to 12,5% - 2.To establish a network of IP-s for the co-ordination of LLL activities and active implementation of ESE. Measure: 75 organisations participating in the network - As a result of the project, the following problems described in the previous point will be solved: 1.The Estonian wider public (especially DGL-s) is aware of ESE and LLL possibilities and benefits2.The implementation of ESE and other LLL activities is co-ordinated and coherent at national, regional and local level. The foreseen impact of the project is the increased awareness of ESE and LLL in Estonia as well as increased participation rate especially among the DLG-s in LLL activities. The chosen approach:•Ensures that ESE will not become a strategy an sich, but will be actively implemented and developed•Brings along changes both among individuals (“LLL in is necessary, I am able to participate, there is nothing to be ashamed of”) as well as in society as a whole (“learning is both useful and fun”). •Ensures, that ESE will be actively implemented and developed.The chosen target groups are IP-s and DLG-s. The effective implementation of the project ensures their active participation in LLL activities after the projected is completed. The target groups cover both the “supply” and “demand” side of LLL. It is estimated that the increase in LLL participation rate by 2013 will increase to the level of 12.5%.

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