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Promoting Employment competences with language training
Start date: Nov 1, 2012,

Precolt is a multilateral project, which targets the priority: “Awareness raising and development of new materials and/or on-line courses”. Precolt is an extension of a previous multilateral project, Promacolt, (, and uses as a basis results obtained in it, in particular its Guide of Recommendations. It tackles two conclusions: the lack of detailed specifications of language course goals shared and understood in the same way by the parties involved; and (ii) failing to integrate in language courses specific methods, techniques and resources to approach complementary competences to maximise employability opportunities through language training. The consortium consists of the previous partnership of Promacolt, including partners from DE, BE, LV, PL, CZ, ES. To this previous partnership, the organisation SPI (IT) has joined to provide additional input based on the experience of its staff in two previous projects Elp- Desk Project and CELAN, which share various synergies with Promacolt. This is the context of the proposal, which aims at establishing and promoting methods for evaluation of linguistic competences to facilitate employment opportunities and enterprise competitiveness, based on four assessment areas: psycho-linguistic, socio-linguistic, intercultural, and pragmatic linguistic-related complementary abilities. The purpose is passing recommendations to extend and profile the evaluation descriptors to specific needs of employers, benchmarking practical useful real cases and raising awareness of the effectiveness of elaborate language training materials adapted to the specific needs and expectations of the parties involved. Main deliverables planned are an IT tool to assist language courses specification, design and evaluation, to be integrated as part of the learning materials, in particular for on-line courses, and benchmarking practical uses of it, promoted through raising awareness activities and supporting with a practical exploitation plan.
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