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Promoting CLIL implementation in Europe
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2019 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The submitted project proposes the partnership of five European schools with considerable experience in delivering CLIL courses and an affiliated University, collaborating in an attempt to exchange their expertise in research, educational practices, and their diffusion via ICT tools. Partners will exchange views and share ideas, revise and share experiences concerning research findings and best practices in the implementation of CLIL in European schools and aim to disseminate the results to the wider European educational community using ICT tools.The project will be carried out via study visits and virtual cooperation among participants. One study visit to the workplace of each participating organization is required, where guest participants will have the opportunity to attend classes where CLIL is implemented by their colleagues and discuss methods and techniques used. In addition, guests will deliver CLIL lessons, so that application of different practices in a variety of contexts can be assessed. Seminars will also be provided to resident teachers, school councilors and university students, concerning practices used by the participating organizations. Each visit will be carefully planned by a committee set up by members of all participating organizations, who will also be responsible for the resolution of potential difficulties and problems that may arise as the project unfolds. Each study visit will be evaluated via questionnaires distributed to the participants in events organized by the host-member, incorporating both qualitative and quantitative elements. Each participating organization is responsible for analyzing the results from questionnaires given during the visit of guests to their workplace and delivering a report to the other participating organizations within one month upon completion of the visit. The reports will be published on the OER platform that will be especially created for the needs and deliverables of the project.Since the project suggests the design of a MOOC course concerning CLIL practices, it is necessary that members of partner staff meet once more before the setup of the MOOC course to decide on appropriate material to be included in the course after their transnational joint learning and teaching activities. It should be emphasized that a MOOC course will be designed for the first time in Greece. Additionally, the course designed will contain good practices of teachers from five European member states and as such it will present a bottom-up approach to the development of a common European framework of CLIL delivery. This bottom-up approach is necessary since the new method is already implemented in a variety of different ways and aspires to present a practical rather than theoretical tool of CLIL instruction.The deliverables of the submitted project are: 1. the construction of an Open Educational Resources platform providing pre- and in-service educators with a variety of teaching techniques, samples of worksheets and lesson plans that will aid them in the implementation of their own CLIL courses. This platform aspires to become a learning community hub for CLIL practitioners, where they can meet and exchange ideas, thoughts, misgivings, and 2. the creation of a Massive Open Online Course, designed and delivered by the partnering organizations, aiming to provide further assistance to CLIL working or aspiring professionals.The exchange, review and calibration of educational ideologies and techniques used in the CLIL classrooms is deemed necessary for the provision of equal opportunities to all in the European educational space and the reinforcement of the skills of future European citizens. Alongside, the strengthening of the professional profile of educators and the provision of a basic CLIL tool-kit is a necessary tool for the formation of a common European identity towards common European aims.

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