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Projektni menadžment u Portugalu
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Secondary School of Economics Velika Gorica, as an applicant organisation for Erasmus+ project under Key Action 1, and the Braga Mobility Open from Braga/Portugal as their partner organization, have designed a mobility project entitled: Vocational Training of Students of the Secondary School of Economics Velika Gorica. The staff of the Secondary school of Economics Velika Gorica participates in school management, the management of mobility related projects or run many out-of school activities. All staff members have projects which they have run, even though none of them have received proper training related to running projects. The school, through the Self-evaluation project, wishes to increase the quality level of all school activities. One of the most important factors of increasing the quality level of all projects that are run in the school is training related to running projects. This Erasmus project addresses this very important factor. Furthermore, the school wishes to continue with the process of its own internationalization, which was started via two previous Erasmus plus projects.Due to the above, the school intends to send 9 staff members who participate in school management and run projects and out-of school activities, along with students, to a five day structured course on how to run projects. The course will take place in Braga, Portugal. Through this five day course (8 hours a day), we expect to enhance mobility and achieve the goals of the project.The measurable goals of the project are:1. To improve knowledge of the process of running a project – minimally 30%2. New possibilities for staff members regarding new knowledge and skills through the cooperation with other institutions via eTwinnin - minimally 20%3. To broaden the world view and increase motivation – minimally 30%4. To develop intercultural, Information and communications technology and language skills - minimally 30%5. A unique international experience in regard to professional development of the school staff – minimally 50%6. To improve the school’s image and to make it more distinguishable - minimally 50%7. To improve the communication with various educational institutions, educational policy makers and the community - minimally 20%The course on how to run projects will address the following topics: preparation of the plan of the project; preparation, implementation, monitoring, control and completion of a project; schedule of a project; budget and expense control; implementation of human resource management; reporting and managing shares; planning, identification and analysis of the risk of a project. Apart from participation in a structured course on how to run projects, the participants will participate in cultural activities, such as visiting Porto, Viana do Casteloa and Braga.The project will not only directly influence the mobility participants and the institutions included, it will also indirectly influence students and school staff members, the school’s image, as well as vocational and general public. The mobility participants will acquire vocational knowledge on how to run school projects, in order to increase their quality. Consequently, the staff will be able to run projects on a higher level of quality. The students that will participate in those projects will be more motivated, more efficient, more involved and will be able to demonstrate more innovation. The participants will share the results of the projects with the rest of the staff, as well as with other schools, institutions and organizations they cooperate with. Thus, the school will be able to raise the quality level of its activities, especially when it comes to running projects. In addition, a substantial increase of further internationalization of the school will be achieved, as it is laid down in the school’s development plan.
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