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Project Toekomst Havo Notre Dame des Anges
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Jul 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project aims also to contribute to a lasting reform of the existing educational structures of Havo Notre Dame des Anges. In the context of education in 2032 in which personalized learning, internationalization and citizenship are key words, our school is trying to create its own translation of these principles that the current way of learning step by step will change in the coming years. Our school started already two years ago on this project. Initially, the school had selected ten employees for this educational project with organizational consequences. In the project the intention is to involve all the teachers. It is intended that the innovation originates bottom up from the teachers, supported by the management staff and that it will be spread and carried out to ensure greater probabilitey of success. There has already been both literature and empirical research. All this has resulted in schoolyear 2015/2016 in three educational concepts, one of which will be chosen and developed in the future. These concepts, however, are not complete and the final choice will never have a fixed shape. Education is and remains in motion. This makes it necessary to constantly orientate on the opportunities outside our own familiar surroundings. In order to formulate a better form of knowledge it is more necessary to learn more about the schools abroad where personalized learning has already been integrated for a long time. The planned foreign visit will contribute to the broadening of views on the current systems based on the question whether good practice examples can be applied in our own situation, which strengthen our own qualities. There are 9 members selected from the workforce. They all have different backgrounds and functions within the organization. This mixed composition ensures broad dissemination, both inside and outside our organization, in which all layers of staff, the (future) students and their parents are well informed about both the impressions gained during the study as well as the impact they will have on highschool Notre Dame des Anges in the future. The team leaders in question are responsible for the correct knowledge. They undertake the processing of the experience gained within the project, so that it has as complete a picture as possible of the opportunities, before it makes proposals in the future to adjust the chosen concept of education as this proves to be necessary in practice. The school has also chosen three colleagues, who are not able to adapt easyly to new innovative ideas in education, providing the opportunity to look beyond their own known limits. The aim is to broaden their perspective through which they will be more receptive to the necessary innovations. Experiences of colleagues who have already taken part in such trips, are in fact often found to increase inspiration and lead to surprising reversal in their own thinking and behavior.
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