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Project Learning Drama teqniques and Storyline
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Hello The bakground of why we applied for this project is that Annika, who is a member of the e-twinning network, was contacted by mail on Etwinnings website of the project "Teaching Training Course on Drama in Education - Holistic approach to teaching with Drama Teqniques in Virovitica". This sounded very interesting to us since our school uses drama alot in its teaching throughout many subjects (our students like to dramatize - they write scripts and then they act in front of the class or they make a film on their computers. We are interested in learning new drama tecniques and we think it would be very interesting to learn how to work with Storyline pedgogics. Every spring we also put up a big Cabaré-show, within the subject "students' choice", where the students can choose between many different subject whereas many choose drama. Simply we need to get educated in new drama tecniques to improve the teaching since many of us at school don't have a formal education within the teaching of drama tecniques. We also want to immerse our knowledge of English and also create contacts with other European teacher for future projects. We are two teachers who are going to Croatia on the drama course: Annika Mulalic: educated English, Spanish and geography teacher who teaches students between 12 and 16 years old. Therése Sköldén: educated primary and intermediate school teacher. Currently teache students between 8 - 10 years in most subjects. Approximately ten staffmembers will be a part of the project, all teaching different subjects and teaching on different levels. We will prepare for the course through information that will be handed to us on the website that the hostcountry will create. This so that we can study the material before our visit to Croatia. We will prepare through cooperation with other participating members on the online website. We will receive information by the hostcountry about culture in Croatia before our visit. We will also write profiles about ourselves and we will be able to read the profiles of the other participating teachers of the project. The 18 - 27 of March 2016 there will be a Teaching course on drama tecniques where teachers all over Europe will participate. We will learn drama tecniques and how to work with Storyline pedagogics. We will also visit cultural sights in Croatia to learn more of the culture of the country. Furthermore we will make contacts with other teachers and staff in Europe for future projects. The project will result in that we will share our experiences in Croatia with our collegues through workshops and support them throughout different drama projects within the curriculum. We will continue our colaboration on the online website where we can discuss och share the work we have created, with other collegues in Europe (share experiences). We will publish on the school's online-Webforum and on the school's website how we work with drama in our school in the education through videos, ideas, photos, educational plans etc...

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