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Project-Based on IT in Teaching and Learning
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

1. The project aims to bring to perfection the training of 15 teachers in the field of communication and information technology, a fact that is supposed to improve the image of our school, to positively influence its recognition and appreciation on the part of local community, thus boosting our school’s social presence and implicitly our 1500 students’ values, in the sense of respecting national and international values. 2. The aims of our project focus on the following: - The professional development of all the teachers involved in the domain of communication and IT; - The increase of our students’ communicative and artistic abilities on the virtual environment through blogs, websites etc.; - The familiarization with / implementation of all modern informational means and methods that might facilitate the insertion- through our participating teachers- of our school’s values into the stream of national and international axiological systems. - Acquiring new methods and modern means of promoting artistic values that are useful in the context of future activities that might improve our students’ self- esteem as future artists. 3. Our 15 teachers that are to be involved in the project teach various subject matters/ disciplines, and that is supposed to ensure a broader impact on our students and fellow teachers. The eligibility of the participating teachers refers to a satisfactory command of English (medium to good knowledge of the English language) and average knowledge of how to use a computer. 4. The teachers who are to participate in the project will be introduced in the use of modern tools such as Web 2.0. Technologies in formal and non- formal education (Blogs, Wikis, Social Networking), Digital Audio and Video in Education (Podcasting, Digital Video Editing), Digital Story- Telling (Photostory and Digital Comics), Interactive Powerpoint and so on. The introduction of our teachers to these new electronic tools will be assisted and ensured by some international experts in IT. 5. As a result of the participation of these 15 teachers in 3 intensive courses held in 3 different countries, the exchange is likely to be superior in quality, at a European level, as various methods of teaching IT will be internalized, by creating a data base of the new knowledge acquired and our teachers will become resources for the school and the community. 6. The number of our participating teachers and students in the project will help through the multitude and diversity of the activities developed, as well as through the ways of putting these activities into practice. Such an experience will enrich and add to the former training of our teachers, thus enlarging them the perspective of personal development in the artistic field. The positive impact on the local and national communities should be remarkable, as the artistic values of our school are likely to be recognized and promoted by media exposure in press conferences, magazine and newspaper articles and positive testimonial feedback on the blog of the project.
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