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Programa Internacional 2016/2017 Institut La Guineueta
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: Nov 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Mobility of students in VET of public High School La Guineueta of Barcelona.We want to conduce 2 mobility activities for the period 2016/2017:1.- For students of ELECTROMECHANICAL OF VEHICLES and BODY CAR to Nîmes (France):In this activity, 8 students from these 2 VET courses would make a internship in companies in Nîmes (France), with a duration of 32 days to undertake part of their FCT module. They would do 140 hours of 383 hours of their FCT module.We are developing this activity for 8 years with our partner in Nîmes, LP Jules Raimu center.In Nîmes, the 8 students are divided into 6 companies that are auto-repair shops.Students of Automotive Family are the studients at the school with less economy and social resources, mainly from poor families, working class whom has been impacted most directly the current crisis. They are between 17 and 22 years old. Most of them are boys. Theoretical studies are not their best, they prefer practical training. His previous studies are the ESO or PQPI. Their English is very low and do not know French, so we organize language preparation.This profile of participants makes this mobility a high challenge each course and the results and impact are greater than in other mobilities. For students' family and the enviroment this is an activity usually unprecedented, in almost all cases it's the first time that students leave the country and it's the first time that students are away from away from from home so long. The experience has a large positive impact on students and their enviroment. Students return to Barcelona having grown significantly in autonomy, independence, personal and social development, technical and linguistic development. All of them improve their vision and opinion of Europe. Most studients who take mobility continue their studies to higher level studies, a fact that demostrates the project value.Each year we hace more studients in Automotive Family asking to participate in mobility, which proves that the value of project.2.- For students of HEALTH EMERGENCY CAR (PARAMEDICS) in Berlín (Germany):In this activity 8 students would make an intership in companies of Berlín, with a duration of 44 days, to undertake part of their FCT module. They would do 210 hours plus the 383 hours of FCT module that they would have done before in Barcelona.. We are developing mobility from 6 years ago with our partner in Berlín, the OSZIMT center.In Berlín, the 8 students are divided into 2 companies making patients scheduled transport. We have collaborated with this two companies for 6 years, and the experience is wonderful.Our students of Health Emergency are slightly older students. Normally they have worked or have already studied another training cycle. His level of maturity and experience in travelling is good . Their ages are between 18 to 25 years o Usually a half of them are men and half are womens. Their english level is also acceptable. They don't know german so we make a linguistic preparation before their depart. Ober this years, the results have benn very positive. Students come back to Barcelona adquiring significantly in autonomy, independence, personal and social development, technical and linguistic development.All studients who have performed emergency mobility in Berlin last courses are currently working.Each year we have more students asking for participate in this mobility, wich demostrates the high value of this proyect.3. For teachers of the HEALTH department.We would like to get into a project for teachers, where they could go to our partners high schools (specially e in Berlin). The aim is that they could observe how the school manages their classes (especilly that of medical informatics) and also how they develop their international projects. The teachers will do also some class collaborating with the own theachers there. The third aim is to create a good practice manual in the field of emergencies healthcare.

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