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Progettare, condividere, proiettarsi
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our institute is in an area of the city had already been characterizing for two decades by strong migratory flows, which there are many children whose families are of foreign origin. The percentages of children in the classes vary, on average about 20% , but in some schools reached 60 % of those attending. The ethnic groups are different, there are pupils from countries of North Africa, from countries of Eastern Europe , China, and also from countries in South America . The most common language that families who have origins so different , is the English language , often the only mode of communication between adults. Therefore, we believe more and more important to improve the language skills of teachers to make it easier communication, the understanding and the capacity of welcome to the families . But the basic step to take is to encourage children to an active knowledge of the language by engaging in a spontaneous and everyday use , educating them to broaden their horizons and learn about other cultures . The English language should not only be a subject of study , but become a living instrument , a means to communicate, establish new friendships and contacts, learn. To do this it is necessary that the teachers themselves seize the potential of diversity and are able to create "focus" of interest , proposed educational , multicultural and cross objectives . Therefore is essential that not only master their language skills , but have a broad vision , able to move and accommodate other educational methods . Our school, composed mainly of primary schools, has not had the opportunity to participate in experiences at European level, except with the training of one teacher and his participation in national and European events. So, now there is a strong need to widen the gaze and starting to enhance the international dimension of training and education, to create the foundations for lifelong learning and promote synergies. For this purpose, it has created a planning group that carried out a project divided into short term objectives, reached within two years of training through the Erasmus, and other long- term objectives, through the dissemination of experiences, which will become an integral part of the curriculum and the POF (plan of training) of the school. The objectives focus on three main areas. LANGUAGE SKILLS: - approach, development and consolidation of language skills of teachers. - Training of teachers of subjects in English (CLIL). - Strengthening of intercultural awareness. INTERNATIONAL DIMENSION OF 'EDUCATION AND TRAINING: - networking between schools partner. - Observation, experimentation, sharing of experiences for the development of metacognitive skills. -- Construc The comparison and sharing with other European colleagues would be the best way to achieve it. At the same time it is essential to know new technologies and supports, such as use of LIM and knowledge of programs that allow instant connection with other organizations, for a dynamic learning. Our kids are "digital natives" but often do not know the full potential of tools such as computers , using them as tools to play. Therefore should be educated to transform them into instruments of knowledge , sharing, source of immediately usable ideas . From this year the Institute has included in its Plane of training the use of platforms such as eTwinning , which go in this direction , connection and understanding between people away , but that can be approximated with a "click" . The training of teachers in this field is our top priority , as they may in turn become trainers of other colleagues , involving our Institute in a dynamic and continuous life learning . The number of teachers who require mobility for the current year is minimum , as were contacted teachers who have shown they believe in learning experiences abroad , as a personal opportunity to upgrade, but also as a moment to learn new programs and teaching methods. Consequently another key objective is the creation of a network of contacts between schools, teachers and children to share, cooperate, implement skills. The teachers " trained " will create working groups, to illustrate the experience and encourage other colleagues to deal with other . Is particularly necessary that teachers learn to accept suggestions, opening yourself up to make the learning alive, effective , " charming " to involve more and more kids , avoiding the frequent cases of school dropout . Our Institute is also working to ensure that every team of teachers, can be used tools as LIM , so that there is an immediate and practical implications that will facilitate the implementation of projects. The objective in the medium term would make the children” indipendent “ to create projects , search for friends, exchange views on issues , metaphorically break down the walls of our schools , creating community in continuous development.
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