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Profilaktyka, metafilaktyka i terapia w ochronie zdrowia zwierząt – szansą dobrej pracy dla absolwentów szkół rolniczych powiatu łowickiego na rynku europejskim
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Thanks to the Erasmus + project, in which educational mobility is a key action, there will be implemented the project “Prophylaxis, metaphylaxis and therapy for the protection of animal health- a chance for a good job on the European market for graduates of agricultural schools from Łowicz county." The organization that applies for it is Agricultural Training Centre School of Jadwiga Dziubińska name in Zduńska Dąbrowa. The school’s governing authority is the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. We educate the technicians in the following professions: veterinary technician, farming technician and technician of landscape architecture. Our partner is a DEULA Nienburg center which, for many years, has been running vocational training programs related to preparation of staff for agriculture. Thanks to "Leonardo da Vinci Mobility"project, our students have already done training at previously mentioned center. Both sides found this cooperation positive, which contributed to the re-selection of this partner to Erasmus+ project .For professional training students will be selected in the recruitment process, those who have a particular interest in issues related to the chosen profession. The participants of the project will be 18 students in the profession of veterinary techician, farming technician and two teachers from Agricultural Training Centre School of Jadwiga Dziubińska name in Zduńska Dąbrowa. The preparation for their stay abroad will be done in a number of areas: language preparation (developing the skills of German language use in the scope of agriculture and in typical situations), pedagogical and factual knowledge preparation (assessment of their abilities and skills, rules of coexistence and issues related to the development of key competencies in animal production and veterinary services) and cultural preparation (learning about the culture and customs of Germany residents) as well as preparation in the field of occupational health and safety in animal production and during medical treatments.The project is practical. It is expected students' mastery of many new skills useful in professions of veterinary and farming techician. The project intends expanding skills in the following areas: care and breeding of livestock, veterinary treatments, health and safety on the farm and environmental protection connected with animal production. The project will also lead to an increase in students’ professional activity and also improvement in the creation by them new job places. Students participating in the project will improve their theoretical and practical knowledge, learn and preserve professional vocabulary and improve their language communication skills. The main aim of the project is to improve the level of key professional skills that are useful on the labor market and increase the chances of employment. It can be implemented thanks to learning mobility, cooperation between the worlds of education and the labor market. Another aim is to improve the quality of action and innovation of educational institutions through: the modernization of the education system, the exchange of experiences and results and the adjustment to the labor market. Apart from work experience, also important is personal development of project participants, improving language skills, expanding worldview horizons and learning about the culture of another country. Our students come from rural areas, less mobile. Taking part in professional training outside the place of their residence, and especially in another country, can break down barriers and points to the need for mobility and looking for the place in professional life outside the local community. The effect of the project on the local environment will be qualified workers, attractive to employers. Experience gained during the project will result in getting a higher professional status and perhaps persuade graduates to set up their own companies. All regional and national projects taken into account increase the mobility of students who are European citizens. It also makes an added value in the global labor market. In the long term, this will allow to raise the standard of living of young Poles. Thanks to projects like Erasmus +, European or international market will gain new, educated and mobile employees who are able to meet high professional demands in the field of agriculture and veterinary medicine.After the project is completed the results will be disseminated in school environments for students and parents of middle schools on meetings and lectures, in the local community by printing information about the project in the press and for the whole community by posting information about the project on the school website.

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