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Professionalisation of Family Care for Persons Affected by Multiple Sclerosis – Qualified Care

The Qualified Care project aims to improve the quality of and access to professional training for family members caring for persons affected by Multiple Sclerosis (MS). As there is currently no curative treatment then one of the main objectives in caring for persons affected by MS is that of improving the life of those affected and whilst this does involve medical care, it also, almost always, involves members of the family providing care for the affected persons. Project partners will initially undergo a training needs analysis in relation to the target group, leading to the design, development and introduction of a training tool for the professionalisation (recognition of existing skills and the provision of additional training) of family members caring for persons affected by MS. An outline of the training curricula, in addition to supplementary information on the care of persons affected by MS and a summary of the assessment and validation of the training tool (as undertaken by national pilot committees) will be presented on CD-Rom in each of the partner languages plus English. An additional feature will be a user guide for the training tool, which will feature both within the CD-Rom and in paper format. End project results will be promoted via the websites of the project partners and via a dissemination workshop to be held in Spain at the end of the project. The training tool itself will be released in a restricted number of demonstration copies at the end of the project based upon the fact that the project partners envisage commercialisation of the end results of the project.
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