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Professional training of non-university teachers and transfer of experiences on the ECTS
Start date: Jan 15, 2010,

A project in the field of teacher education is proposed, in which on the Tajik side five major teacher training institutions would be involved.Project activities are proposed in four fields:- Exchange of experience and advice on the European Credit Transfer System- Modernizing the content of curricula at teacher training institutions- Advanced professional training for professors at teacher training institutions- Raising the professional capacity of teacher trainees by increasing their exposure to real classroom situations and their teaching practice during their education- Enhancing the access of students and professors to modern professional literatureExchange of experience on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) Tajikistan has decided to introduce mechanisms aimed at implementing the Bologna process, including ECTS, the three cycle system, and, in the long run, recognition of degrees. This decision requires a shift from a teacher-centered to a learner-centered curriculum, which allows for the development of qualification profiles, and subsequenty, of learning outcomes and workloads. As a first step, the project aims at changes in the curriculum, content, teaching and learning approaches at universities, basically atthree stages: 1) Activities aimed at further developing the content of pre-service teacher education: Project activities will consist of further developing course curricula at teacher training institutions with a view to include a significant number of lessons on modes of planning classes and the use of prevailing modern teaching methods including pupil-centred approaches. Instructing teacher trainees in both classical and modern teaching techniques will equip future teacher generations with a broad repertoire of methods out of which they can select the most appropriate in different class room situations. The introduction of new methodologies and standards will lay the foundation for the further introduction of ECTS.2) Activities aimed at enhancing the professional capacity of teachers: In the framework of the project advanced professional training in areas such as modern pedagogical thinking and research, pupil-centred teaching practices should be provided to professors at Tajik teacher training institutions putting them in a position to better include findings of modern educational research and teaching practice into their teachings. In this respect intensive professional development courses provided by EU Tempus partner universities in Tajikistan, exchange of experience between the partners as well as international placements and courses for Tajik university teachers in other countries are envisaged.3) Activities aiming at enhancing practical teaching skills of students: Within the framework of the project EU partner universities will share their experience and best practices on how to establish optimal links between theoretical parts of teacher training studies and exposure to practical teaching experience in real class room settings. Frequency, length of duration of teacher traineeships as well as methods of mentoring and supervision will also constitute important topics. Developing improved concept and pilot activities are envisaged in this area.4) Activities aimed at enhancing access of teacher trainees to modern professional literature: Additionaly, to support changes in teaching and learning approaches, project funds will be used for upgrading existing library facilities in teacher training institutions, in particular the stock of professional literature. Funds will also be used for translating key literature into Tajik.

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