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Professional Learning for Adults on the move
Start date: Jan 1, 2011,

Adult learners live complex lives. Their re-entry into the learning environment, in many instances, requires a leap of courage, and yet their learning success is integral to the health of communities and the economy. These learners are busy parents. They are talented newcomers whose fresh knowledge is already required in our workforce or young adults who would like to contribute but need to find a way into the vocational education system before they can enter the workforce. They are seniors who would like to stay professionally active, updated with new high-demanded professional skills, healthy and mobile and they have are aware that they will be able to do that only if they become life-long learners in the community. In this context, learning on-the-move or at the 'non-place' holds a promise for providing opportunities for adults to stay in-line with their career, personal and educational goals, to keep pace with professional and societal changes and with the new formal requirements in the modern labour market. Learning at the 'non-place'* refers to learning which takes place in spaces of temporary, transient activity. Examples of non-places include airports, supermarkets, hotel rooms, highways, while adults are waiting or commuting or when exercising; in general in time and place which would otherwise be mostly 'downtime'. Adults at this 'non-place' are physically immobile but still mobile in logic and although they have limited available time and levels of concentration they are still carrying powerful portable devices which can be well-exploited as access medium to learning and vocational education. Based on these challenges, the "MOVE-ON" project aims at designing, developing and validating new vocational education possibilities ready to be offered in short episodes (max 10 mins each) during this 'non-place' with the goal to increase the overall volume of participation of adults in vocational education.*The term was coined by anthropologist Marc Augé.

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