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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project „European teacher – European student” is meant to find suitable solutions for two major problems our school has been confronting with. The first problem is the poor development of the European dimensions of education provided in our school. This situation has determined minimal relationships with educational institutes from the European Union, lack of international projects and of curriculum adaptation to the current matters of the EU. The second problem is the poor development of the transversal skills of the teachers and the necessity of renewing the teaching methods in order to activate our students during classes. Not solving the above mentioned problems may constitute a disadvantage of our school in comparison with other schools from our city, county or country; it could also cause the decrease in the quality of the educational process and of the students` , teachers` and the local community`s interest in our institution. Through this project we intend to: O1 – increase the European dimension in our school`s educational policy, through the development of competences as concerns the management of international activities for 5 teachers from our school, during 2015 -2017 O2 – innovate and increase the quality of teaching and educating our students through professional and individual development, improving the pedagogic competences of teaching and evaluation, as well as improving the digital competences for 10 teachers from our school, during 2015- 2017 O3- implement the concept of curricular and multicurricular approach, increasing the respect for the cultural and scientific European values through the thorough development of the transversal competences O4 – increase the quality of the educational activities and of the competitiveness of our school on the labour market through qualifications in benchmarking of the educational policies for 5 teachers from our school, during 2015- 2017 O5- increase the teachers` involvement in international projects through the development of linguistic and communication competences, as well as of the transversal ones for 26 teachers from our school, during 2015- 2017. To reach the aims of this project and to make this have a strong impact on the future policy of our school, one third of our teaching staff (26 teachers) will attend different courses in the European Union. The 26 teachers who have been selected cover all the curricular areas of our school, including the management staff, so that there will be a maximum impact in all the educational domains.   The key activities of this project are: 1. ”How to make your school more international”, organised by Euneos, Finland. 2. ”Pedagogie de la couleur bleue, comme fait social europeen, entre litterature, arts et sciences", course offered by Asociatia europeana ”Paysage et patrimoine sans frontiere”. 3. "Masterclass creative teaching", organised by Euneos, Finland . 4. ”Best Practice Benchmarking”, organised by Euneos-Finland. 5. ”Spice Up Your Teaching Ideas - Methodology in Practice Today”, course organised by ETI-Malta.. 6. ”Empowerment in ITC Skills: Making Use of Technology Tools” course by ETI-Malta. 7. "Creative & critical thinking development in learners", course organised by EuroMind, Spain. The expected outcomes at the end of the project are related to the increase of the quality of all the educational programmes which are offered by our school. These results will be included in our school`s management within the curriculum and the daily teaching process. The long- term benefits are related to the change of the teachers` and students` mentality, making them receptive to the new, to multiculturality and to European citizenship. The fact that the teachers from Colegiul National „C.D.Loga” take part in different professional activities in Europe contributes to the rise of our school`s prestige among the community. This leads to attracting students to study at Loga, teachers to work at this school, as well as raising the companies` interest in employing graduates from our highschool. During the dissemination of the outcomes of the project, but also after it finishes, there will be workshops with teachers from our county in order to demonstrate the usefulness of the newly taught methods on a large scale. The institution that implements the project: Colegiul National C.D.Loga The target group: 26 teachers Beneficiary: 79 people from our school and 1,043 students Indirect beneficiaries: the community Project budget: 59255Euro.
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