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Profesní rozvoj pro uplatnění na evropském trhu práce
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The specific goal of this project is to educate students how to adapt to changing and more competitive working environment in a short run, as well as in a long term. This also requires innovating the curriculum. This project is going to depict an overall picture of progressive forms of today’s green tourism together with its future development. A proof of concept may be the fact that this project is realized in eight different destinations. The essence of this project is to gather information, comprehend experience and grow knowledge that will help support business thinking, creativity, employability and to innovate our preparation for professional life, to be more attractive in the work force. Another specific goal is to grasp and strengthen skills, especially the ability to analyze touristic potential in the region with its special kinds, forms and varieties that would be attractive enough to encourage tourists to come here, based on our conditions, and at the same time create sustainable tourism in the region. The material that students will collect during their internships, will offer them new ideas for the future and encourage them to be inspired to create new innovations, forms and kinds of green tourism going forward. Interns of the 2nd and 3rd years will include their projects into their final theses. The added value for 1st grade students is to have an idea of the destination in order to make themselves more attractive on the European market. Admission organizations, tourist agencies and institutions focusing on the Czech Republic will be chosen after an email communication with the partner schools that were supportive during the project set up.After an initial health and safety training, monitoring, marketing, managerial research, questionnaires and data collection from the daily participation in the firms will be done. During the weekend (Saturday, Sunday), they will absolve one progressive form of green tourism that will become a basis for transforming gained experience into touristic business in the Czech Republic and the EU. At the same time, mutual understanding and learning about lifestyles, values and differences between the individual EU countries with different kinds of touristic areas will be an added value. Furthermore, deeper knowledge of a broad language education and motivating students to learn foreign languages, especially those that remain on the outer side of general public interest, such as Bulgarian, Polish, Macedonian, Romanian, Portuguese, Spanish and Slovakian. The two weeks internship is prepared according to school curriculum practice. Students will receive credit for required practice and for a graduate seminar within ECVET. This is a two year project and their participants will be spending time in 8 destinations. There will be an in-depth assessment of gained knowledge and experience, which will also innovate valuably the curriculum and field, and will enable creation of stronger cooperation between the participating sides on the project. After the internship, students have to evaluate and present their questionnaires, marketing and management related research and to clarify their objectivity. What we can observe by the end of the project is to see many positive sides to the story, not just of a national, but also international context. Sharing outcomes will be covered throughout the whole project and the results will be regularly updated and modified according to its needs and experience of the target groups that will be using them. Presentations of gathered, generally accepted information and experience will serve as a basis for a research conference where members of agencies and travel agencies will be taking part in. The results with a particular award for cooperation with the individual sides will be spread by the school representatives of VOŠ CR and MOS and participating schools, agencies, travel agencies and ITC, where students stayed during their internships, as well as professionals from tourism who participate at the conference, and the Business Goals competition.
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