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”Profesjonalizm w hotelarstwie i gastronomii jest naszym celem działania". "Professionalism in the hospitality industry and catering is our goal of action"
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project, which we have prepared for 36 students, technicians of hospitality, waiters and organizers of catering services, foresees their internships in 4 * and 5 * hotels in Cyprus and Malta. Senior class students will be chosen for training as they have a relatively large experience. They have had already practice in hotels in the country and are able to cope with the tasks that will be presented to them in Cyprus or Malta. We believe that learning is not just theory, but primarily practice is the best way of achieving high quality qualifications. Students will learn their skills at the reception, the restaurant, the hotel bars, room service, kitchen and also serve guests on the beach. The needs of the project: - development of competence and professionalism in the hospitality industry and tourism - using in Poland new experience, knowledge and skills in latest techniques and methods of work, acquired while abroad - better employability in the European labor market support of trainees in getting experience abroad - overcoming all kinds of barriers such as language, cultural, as well as getting courage at work and in interpersonal relationships responding to changes associated with the development of the tourism industry - rapid adaptation to changes in the labor market and the needs of employers Objectives of the project: - development of language skills, including knowledge of professional vocabulary - learning the basis of Greek and Maltese languages - development of professional skills of students and the quality of the services they provide - learning self-reliance and resourcefulness in life - learning mutual respect, tolerance and understanding - knowledge of Mediterranean culture and customs of the islands - establishing contacts with local society - preparation to active and responsible participation in social, cultural and economic life in the local, regional and international context - becoming creative and enterprising, courageous to communicate in a foreign language, as well as active professionally . This will help them in the future easier to find a job in an international environment. They will prove on Malta/Cyprus that they are good workers, who are worth appreciating and worth hiring in the future Time of placements: group I -Cyprus VIII / IX2015 group II - Malta VI / VII 2016 group III - Cyprus VIII / IX 2016 Criteria of candidates selection will estimate knowledge of English language, personal culture, good marks at school and at practical training and also social activity at school. Additional points will be given to students who have got difficult financial and family situation and also the ones from rural area. There will be girls and boys in groups. They will have the same chances in recruitment procedures. Students will be more mature, self-reliance, confident, enterprising and creative after placements in Malta and Cyprus. They will have skills how to solve various problems. Internships will help them find themselves in profession, make appreciate and like it. It is important for students to learn how to work in a group, be tolerant and patient. All trainees will get Europass-Mobility documents in Polish and English version and certificates from hotels and our school after completion of internships. The best students will receive references, as well. We hope they will also get work offers. All above mentioned documents will be prepared individually for everybody. Our foreign partners are prepared to use criteria according to European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET)-enclosure no 4. Agreements signed with Kanika Hotels and HO&T Consulting will have specified those detail criteria and grading scale. These documents will enrich trainees’ CVs and will be for them a passport to a successful career. Polish and Cypriot/Maltese tutors, English teachers , vocational teachers as well as Polish hotels will take part in evaluation. The measure of evaluation and validation will be: -used in the project evaluation criteria ( ECVET) and its results -added value visible in the results of comparative English language tests done before the departure of trainees and after their return -interviews with employers and their views on the progress made - the results of questionnaires that participants anonymously fill. They will be done after each part of placements and will concern various aspects-the quality of project, pedagogical-cultural-linguistic courses, tutors' supervision during work and leisure, etc. -number of trainees who got into college or received attractive jobs, -number of people who left to work abroad, etc. These results will be accumulated by the teacher responsible for international contacts. Others: -better marks and more candidates for placements abroad, Dissemination of the project will take place in ZSH-T and other schools, during conferences, on Internet, facebook, media, among friends and families.

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