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Професионални умения и нови възможности
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project: “Vocational Skills and New Opportunities”The demands of initial vocational training are dynamically changing in the circumstances of continuously changing labour market, in connection of modern technologies development. This imposes use of new elements to develop young people’s system of values, such as the idea of “lifelong learning”, aspiration of sustaining competitiveness on the labour market .The project “Vocational Skills and New Opportunities” is directed to group of 40 students, studying in year 11 and 12 day form in profile subjects of all vocational qualifications. They have done their general theoretical and practical vocational training and have acquired digital competences. The mobility consists of practical training in real working environment for developing vocational knowledge, skills and competences in designing electrical installations and electrical devices with the use of CAD systems, developing specific skills for software installing, assembling computer systems, diagnostics and maintaining of electrical equipment and hardware, working with artificial intelligence, programming and designing electronic devices. The planned groups for accomplishing mobility are: 1 group-10 students 1 teacher, do mobility at host organization “Secondary Technical School of Engineering and Electrical Engineering” VUTS company, Liberec, Check Republic, 23.10 2016-12.11.2016, 1 group-10 students, 1 teacher do mobility at host organization “Tellus Ltd”, Plymouth, UK from 19.03.2017 - 08.04 2017, 1 group-20 students 2 teacher do mobility in the host organization „Alfatraining Bildungszentrum”, Karlsruhe, Germany 12.03.2017-01.04 2017. The mobility lasts 3 weeks, 15 working days. It includes cultural program.The main objectives to achieve with the project - connected with some important challenges, facing young people’s vocational education.The aims are:-Increasing the level of vocational competences and skills of the beneficients, according to the demands of European labour market and outside it-Beneficients’ acquiring and developing vocational competences in the field of CAD Systems, using AutoCAD (2D and 3D)Enlarging and development beneficients’ vocational knowledge and skills by working with test programs, hardware setting and assembling, working on artificial intelligence, diagnosis and maintaining electrical equipment and ready products -Acquiring and developing vocational competences in programming and designing electronic equipment-Increasing understanding and knowledge of different cultures and countries-Improving foreign language competences and especially of vocational vocabulary of the beneficients by applying them in multicultural, real working environment-Increasing motivation for lifelong learning, by acquiring good practices and experience, leading to successful professional realization-Developing skills for team work-Enlarging cultural point of view and looking for unusual solutions-Increasing personal, professional culture, flexibility and ability to take the challenges-Increasing transnational ability of VSEE, Plovdiv in international projects realizationAll range of planned actions for the realization of the project mobilities contributes to achieving these goals. As a result of accomplished mobility the participants will enlarge and develop their knowledge, skills and competences by using modern technologies a in real work environment and will improve their foreign language competences.The management of the project is conducted by the team of teachers from VSEE who are responsible for the accomplishing the entire program of the mobility, including managing of the finances. Successful mobility accomplishment will increase the quality of participants’ practical training, their adaptation and opportunities for successful realization on the united European market. The received national and international certificates will boost their portfolio and will be used for skills and competences validation. The participation of students and team of teachers in European mobility will lead to sharing and applying positive European practices to the vocational training in VSEE.The indicated benefits and created international connections will develop the school educational potential and increase its image in the region, in the country and in EU. The dissemination of the results of the project realization will be conducted on school, regional and national level. The long term expectations of the project realization are more practically directed vocational education, which prepares high-qualified professionals for the local regional, national and international industry. Conducting a mobility in European high-technology companies will lead to beneficients’ long term advantage for career development. This will give them better chance in finding job in Bulgaria and EU. Contacts, created with partners from different EU countries will be basis for a future projects partnership.

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