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Profesinių kompetencijų tobulinimas fotografijos srityje
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Photography is a phenomenon that has been known in the world for many years whereas it is completely new as a profession in our school. This subject appeared in our school only three years ago. In comparison with tendencies of preparing photographers in the European context, it is useful for all parties, i.e. the school, teachers of a profession and students. The aim of the project is to provide possibilities for school photography teachers and students to develop their general and professional competences with regard to useful experience of Italian and Portuguese vocational institutions when training photographers. Project participants: - 12 photography students of the last year, who will have completed all compulsory theoretical and practical courses of their specialization when implementing the project and will have performed a part pf professional practice in Lithuanian enterprises - 2 teachers of photography, i.e. individuals, who have at least 3 years’ work experience in the area of practical and theoretical teaching of photography. During the project two activities will be pursued, namely students’ practice in enterprises and work supervision. Students will visit Portugal and Italy to have 3 weeks’ practice in enterprises (March-April of 2016). Students will have the practice of 120 hours, which is included in the general period of their practice. They will work in enterprises 5 days a week, 8 hours each day. The aim of students’ visit was to provide students with new professional skills, practical experience of work organization, to develop their communication competence and improve English skills. The project will be a perfect opportunity for the students to have a part of their practice in foreign enterprises. It will broaden their horizons in a professional area and give competences important to consolidate the studying results and make a career in the future. The aim of profession teachers’ visit is to gain new professional competences in the area of organizing teaching and learning process while observing the work pursued. During a one-week visit to Portugal teachers will attend vocational training centres where they will be able to observe the work of their colleagues from other countries when preparing students of photography. Teachers will be able to compare their curriculum with the one used in our institution. Moreover, they will observe and analyse their teaching methods as well as criteria of students’ work assessment. Teachers of a profession have improved their qualification only in Lithuania. Therefore, it is essential to send them to vocational training centres in the countries of the EU for work observation. The work group for management, implementation and supervision of the project will be formed. It is supposed to involve the project manager, the project coordinator, an English teacher, the head of handicrafts and production department, a teacher of profession. The project manager is going to lead the project work group. He/she will store all the documents of the project and initiate the necessary assignments of the work group. The results anticipated: 8 mobility visits to Portugal, 6 visits to Italy, the meeting of KAAS teachers’ methodological group, during which methodological experience of Portugal teachers will be presented and suggestions for improvement of photography vocational training programme will be provided. The impact anticipated and long-term benefit: -The participation will provide the students with the possibility to assess their professional knowledge and will enable them to supplement it with new competences. During the project participants will develop their general competences such as creativity, diligence, responsibility as well. In addition, they are going to improve their communication in the English language. The new competences and skills obtained will be important when integrating into Lithuanian job market and becoming a competent young employee. -For teachers of profession the participation in the project will help gain new professional skills in the area of organizing the teaching and learning process. They will be able to compare their work experience with the one of their colleagues and, most importantly, the newly gained competences will enable them to improve the programme of photographers’ training. -Participation in the project will help the school make new contacts with vocational training centres and successfully functioning enterprises throughout Europe. A successful partnership may result in new projects or even the development of strategic partnerships.

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