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Profesinių ir bendrųjų kompetencijų tobulinimas dirbant su socialinę riziką ir atskirtį patiriančiais mokiniais
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Teaching staff that works at schools faces students that find difficulties to adapt the changed life conditions, most of them have variuos behaviour, emotional and cognitive problems every day. General education subjects teachers and pupils care professionals from Kedainiai VETC inevitably face such pupils. Students that face social exclusion have behaviour, learning, socialization and communication difficulties, are characterized by their problems in education, living conditions and integration into labour market.General education subjects teachers and pupils care professionals working with disadvantaged or socially excluded pupils form Kedainiai VETC would like to improve knowledge of individual work, gain students motivation and support knowledge, adjustment of social skills, new methods that will help them to know students better, develop an appropriate education (learning) environment.Educators wish to acquire professional knowledge and skills in providing effective, long-term social assistance while working with disadvantaged or socially excluded pupils. Project goal - to develop the competencies of general education subjects teachers and pupils care professionals that will help disadvantaged groups or socially excluded pupils to socialize, integrate into society and not to drop out of the educational system.The main goal of the project will be pursued while implementing the following aims:1. To get acquainted with the work methods that are used while working with disadvantaged or socially excluded pupils.2. To gain the practical experience of individual and group interaction with social risk and socially excluded pupils. 3. To get acquainted with preventive activity approaches, methods and forms of preventive activities while working with disadvantaged groups or socially excluded pupils.4. To acquire guidance, vocational counseling skills to help disadvantaged and socially excluded pupils better integrate into the labor market.5. To improve the knowledge of foreign languages, intercultural communication competencies and professional motivation.Project target group is general education subjects teachers and pupils care professionals ( social educator, special educator, psycholgist). They are able to apply innovative teaching (learning) methods in their work, use interactive teaching material during educational process, work with new technologies, plan, conduct and evaluate training (learning) process in the context of continuous development.Gained knowledge and skills during the project activities will help project participants - general education subjects teachers and pupils care professionals to develop as individuals at the first place, become more creative in their professional activities. Having acquired a new professional knowledge they will be able better empathicly keep their ears open and understand the needs of social risk or excluded pupils, to recognize and manage their own and others emotions, consciously choose behavior while working with the above-mentioned groups of pupils.General education subjects teachers and pupils care professionals gained knowledge of work with various target groups pupils during the project will deepen their professional knowledge working with disadvantaged or marginalized pupils, improve their knowledge of individual work, will gain students motivation and support, wil learn social skills development/adjustment, new method application knowledge and practical skills. That will help to get to know the students better, create a proper education (learning) environment, will pay attention to the urgent problems that need attention, and strengthen their confidence, will create the cooperation atmosphere at the school‘s community, will learn to use the flexibility of decision-making with social exclusion risk students.We will try to achieve the following results:• will be improved the didactics of educational institution, the community will gain knowledge and skills that will help disadvantaged and the socially excluded students to socialize and integrate into society and help them not to drop out of the learning system;• updated general and professional competences of 11 general education subjects teachers and pupils care professionals;• prepared methodological material and conducted general education subject and the social integration lessons cycle.• action plan (guidelines) „Students from disadvantaged families or social exclusion, encouragement of integration";• conducted seminar "Working with disadvantaged and socially excluded pupils“ on the gained experience during the project.
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