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Product Development and Innovation: A New Postgraduate Curriculum for Engineering
Start date: 15 Oct 2012,

The major objective of this project is to enhance engineering product development including entrepreneurship to fulfil market demands and to promote Egypt’s participation in worldwide engineering trading. This is to be realized by reaching several milestones. The first represents the basis for cooperative work between universities and industries, in which communication channels and trust between both societies is to be enhanced. Based on this, enterprise demands with respect to engineering skills serving product development and innovation in Egypt are defined and addressed within the scope of a new multiple-degree Masters of Engineering within the 3-cycle system. In addition, specially developed short industrial training modules are to be offered to enterprises to fulfil their demands for enhanced PDI skills of their co-workers engineers.The workpackages are designed in such a way to reach the above mentioned specific goals in a systematic and logic order. WP.1 involves a number of organized meetings between industrial enterprise and universities, in addition to a setof raising awareness sessions to raise the attention to the importance of PDI in Egypt and its impact on the country'seconomic situation. Based on resulting discussions, industrial needs, related to PDI, are defined in WP.2. WP. 3 to 6 areconcerned with the definition of suitable PDI concepts for Egypt, the design of the study and training program and thepreparation of associated laboratories and personnel. In WP.7 the study program is evaluated by various committees andpresented for approval by the Supreme Council of Universities and at each partner EU university.Dissemination (WP.8), quality assurance (WP.9) and management (WP.10) accompany the project all through.
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