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Producing Open Online Learning Systems 3

The project promoted and exploited CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) in Catalan, Czech and Irish language VET contexts, building on the development work in nine other languages through the original UK-led POOLS project (2005-7, winner of 2009 European Silver Award for Innovation and Creativity in Lifelong Learning) and subsequent ES-led TOI to 3 more languages via POOLS-2 (2009-2011). The consortium was led by the UK POOLS promoter with assistance from the DK partner, with a mix of private and public sector educational providers with a VET locus.Irish, Czech, and Catalan language teachers in VET were equipped with sample CALL materials. An in-service training programme for disseminating new skills and practices were embedded in the teacher support infrastructure for these languages, supported by a locally appropriate course book and guide.The 2-year project started in Oct 2013.

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